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½ May 7, 2010
RW Fassbinder's first film at 23, a touch of Godard's "Band Of Outsiders", Melville's "Le Samourai", a gay subtext, and extremely long shots of nothing happening. An art film? Yes, but "art" doesn't always qualify as "good". Fassbinder had theater training, and it certainly shows here, but he was still new with the camera, and standards of film. Pretty limiting and bland start to his film career. And also for actor Ulli Lummell, who would create some really really bad movies on his own as a director. I guess it's worth a look to see where Fassbinder started, and I would recommend watching the documentary "End Of The Commune?" immediately afterward.
January 26, 2010
Directoral debut by Fassbinder seems like a piece from the French new wave kind of like an early Melville film. The film is about a pimp, one of his girls, and a gangster as they go on a killing spree. Sounds like a run of the mill gangster film and it is, but it's filled with traces of the genius to come from Fassbinder like the dead silence and a lot of focus on nothing.
Super Reviewer
January 2, 2010
Fassbinder's austere & stark debut, Feel the coldness & the blankness & of course beware of a jealous whore!! I actually liked this a bit better than Godard's Breathless
July 28, 2009
A Brilliant Gangster Movie who can compare with the old Gangster Movies of the 30's in contrast to the American Gangster Movies after the 50's who never reached this Flair again it shows the Gangsters as broken Indivuals who's life is more a Pain than a Joy the vitality is gone away thats just a will to live on outside the Society where you can trust nobody and ive you do you skrewed
January 24, 2009
Fassbinder's first feature length film is alright. The title and synopsis is a lot more interesting sounding than the actually film.
January 14, 2009
A great film by Fassbinder that is more then a little similar to Goddard's "Band of Outsiders". Full of isolation, death and grime it hits at the heart of the gangster film and reveals bitter truths about people.
December 31, 2008
Ok, wrong generation!
It's just too old to be good for me
October 22, 2008
This story's interesting for what isn't told, just implied, in long, serious looks.
½ August 22, 2008
This is basically a gangster film, with all the required thugs and violence, however, Fassbinder's slow pacing and minimalist dialog gives us a grim look at the margins of society, no judgments, no resolution, just a hard, cold look, with a unswerving eye, at the tragedy of the ordinary.
August 18, 2008
One of the most interesting films I've ever seen. Fassbinder's first feature, which has the aesthetic in the first 15 minutes of a student film, before leaving the confines of (what looks like - but I doubt is..) a studio, after which it has much more in common with the early work of the French New Wave. Which, is an important comparison, is it was the early films of Chabrol and Rohmer which influence Fassbinders debut (one minor character is called Erika Rohmer, etc). Later in the film however the influence from Godard is inescapable, with scenes which simply ooze Vivre Sa Vie, Le Mepris, and a handful of other films from his early career. Fassbinder's first, very low budget, feature film has much in common with his early shorts, but comprehensively shows the audience exactly what type of films he wants to make and as another reviews says, an interesting window into the mind of a young and very unique director.
½ June 26, 2008
More Bande a Part, than Breathless. I love Hanna Schygulla's boots. I wonder where she got them.
June 7, 2008
It oozes style and it ends.
March 31, 2008
Despite its sparse dialogue and long static takes, this film never came across to me as pretentious or stylized. The shots, though carefully and beautifully composed, never seemed staged. I think this is due mainly to the unforced, intense performances given by the actors, as well as Fassbinder's ability to shift effortlessly from the abrupt and shocking to the poetic and hypnotizing. His use of sound is also impressive; he seems to know well that silence and understatement are often the best producers of tension and violent reactions. For its window into time and place, as well as for being an excellent example of a first film by an already unique and perfectly competent director, this movie is memorable and fascinating.
March 17, 2008
Fassbinder's first film is cooler than cool, an icy study of three petty crooks who hang out, pose, keep their love for each other dark and secret and screw it all up for themselves in the end. The film is shot in stark black and white, with endless shots were not very much happens but a lot of unease goes on. But it's aesthetically beautiful unease. The bisexual tensions in the threesome are intriguing, and the steadfast refusal to elucidate the story in anything like a traditional or accessible manner is awesomely arrogant for a freshman film.
½ February 17, 2008
the film name is very attractive,feeling cold when watching the film...
½ January 27, 2008
Rainer Werner Fassbinder is the great filmmaker who had as his favorite female actress Hanna Schygulla is the first film
together with this title
December 9, 2007
as the synopsis said, this is a bit like watching breathless for the first time. music and cinematography, as well as the the characters were so stylish and cool.
December 5, 2007
Going to be watching this in the next few days...will let everyone know what's what. This frigging guy had made 20 movies before he turned 29.
December 2, 2007
hyper-stylized crim drama. RWF's first film and, holy shit, he was only twenty four.
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