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½ March 30, 2013
Worst piece of shit ever. R-rated after-school special.
January 29, 2012
JP Amedori really sold his anguish towards the end. Turned a typical "teens and drugs" movie into something a bit more. Good acting by Caplan as well.
November 10, 2011
For the first half hour or so, this film is an interesting if banally written melodrama about how a loner, played by John Patrick Amedori, forces his way into the group of friends surrounding the girl with whom he is infatuated, played by the always delightful Lizzy Caplan.

When the event that alters the course of the story occurs, things quickly become more interesting. The manner in which the characters deal with their grief is, for the most part, subtly handled, even if you get vague hints about what has transpired and what will transpire. Another character, portrayed acceptably by D.J. Cotorna, the person you should by all rights despise for his boorishness, sets about some very basic detective work born of both self-preservation and loyalty. This section continues to build up well while the protagonist continues to somewhat obsessively pursue his ultimate goal, and his nerdy gawkishness puts your distinctly on his side while instilling fear about what his intentions and his executions.

When this element boils to the surface, there is a wonderful scene that transformers from tender to painful gracefully, and after that, your perspective on the characters in inexorably changed and you're left wondering where they have to go from there.

Unfortunately, after this, the loner's descent is handled with unwieldy predictability. If you're aware of the emotions solicited by drug movies, you'll quickly see that there's only one place to go, and along the way, you're treated to an undoing that is as forced as it is rushed, destroying the tone created by the first two acts as you're left feeling betrayed by a character you never feel you understood in the first place. Whether this is the intended effect or not, you cannot come away with any other opinion other than the fact that it's poorly handled.

Overall, it's an interesting take on two different forms of addiction that fails to fulfill its potential while remaining worth the time it takes to watch it.
½ May 16, 2011
kind of a weird movie, but it still kept me interested.
½ October 16, 2010
so alive
i missed the first 15 min, and enjoyed tasting everything without a clue of where its going
Super Reviewer
September 19, 2010
Jonah (John Patrick Amedori) is like a lot of kids out there. He's one of those kids that goes to a private school because his mom works here ass off so that he can get into a good school. He's not really an outcast, he's just not there. Once the school year has ended Jonah gets the nerve to go to an end of school party and actually talk to the girl he was quietly in love with throughout his time in school, Sara (Lizzy Caplan). Sara is part of a small clique with her boyfriend Troy (Jonathon Trent), the typical high school asshole Lucas (D.J. Cotrona), and her best friend Erin (Jenny Wade) where drinking and doping like a rock star is standard practice. They slowly allow Jonah to cling to their team after they find out about his job at a pharmacy. His status grows within the group as he supplies the party supplies and gets pulled into the excess of a teenager in Los Angeles. Things come crashing to the ground when Troy overdoses and the questions over Jonah's intentions toward Sara begin to fester.

Initially the film starts as a basic kid fitting in film where Jonah uses his position to get in with the in-crowd. As the film passes it becomes something darker with characters that get creepier and creepier as the movie unfolds. It actually becomes an interesting movie, even though it does get a bit melodramatic at points. Some scenes are very good, meanwhile others are almost laughable from a dialogue standpoint. There are a few points that will leave you scratching your head, such as the what I can assume is a detective that Troy's parents hire to figure out who gave their son the drugs. This guy seems to have free reign throughout the film to stalk people and walk right into homes. For kids who are rebellious and such I would expect a big F-off to this guy, yet they cooperate more with him than with each other.

Borrowing a name from a Roxy Music tune (I'm assuming that the film makers got sued because it has been re-titled as Addicted To Her Love) the film is interesting and develops quite well, yet there's a ton of little things that just drag it down. Once it starts getting real good, there's something ridiculous that pulls you right out of it again. The way we remake stuff, this would make good fodder in about a decade. It just needs a bit of polish.
½ August 31, 2010
Pretty good B movie.. lizzy caplan is great as well as the entire cast.. simple story but really effective.. A few twists and turns, that make you want more... if you can get your hands on this, i recommend it.
July 17, 2010
Sounds like a Ke$ha song!!
February 22, 2010
Even though the advertisement is totally misleading - there is no teenage menage-a-trois - this is still worth checking out. When a high-school nobody starts hanging out with rich kids just to get close to the pretty Sara, their drug-fueled nights take a turn for the worse. There are a couple of totally unexpected twists towards the end. Lizzy Caplan and D.J. Cotrona are very, very good.
January 26, 2010
really good movie.. lizzy caplan is great as well as the entire cast.. simple story but really effective.. if you can get your hands on this, i recommend it.. goodluck getting your hands on it though.. 8/10
May 3, 2009
It was very interesting right till the end where it turns stupid.
½ March 15, 2009
I heard a million misleading descriptions of this movie before I saw it, including the one that ultimately led me to watch it. Love triangles are never particularly interesting to me, not when they're stupid teen flicks, and just because this had an "indie" stamp on it is no excuse, but I went ahead with it anyway. It only got this rating from me because you can't go lower than half a star.

Terrible, predictable and vulgar. The only reason I bothered was because a friend told me that it was like one of my favorite books, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Not only is it NOTHING like that book, the main character in this movie, Jonah, is nothing like the main character, Charlie in Perks; there wasn't a single similarity. Specifically, Charlie's crush on Sam in that book was respectful and tender, it wasn't crazed like Jonah's schizo-obsession for Sarah in this movie. I'd hardly call it a spoiler if I mentioned why, since I could see every "curveball" coming from a mile away, and I discourage everyone from watching this movie, but whatever. This was not smart movie making, not even a little bit. Also, I was VERY shocked to hear a Relient K song used in this film... I wonder if Matt Thiessen knows about that. I can't imagine Goatee Records would have let the filmmakers use the song had they been aware of the subject matter. I can't believe I wasted my time on this! I was too impatient for my Netflix, so I watched it on YouTube and "missed" nine minutes of it because the link to part 9 disappeared. Though, it seems like as bad as the entire movie was, maybe I was spared those nine minutes. I beg you not to waste your time like I did on this trash.

I see that 81% of Flixster users are not interested in watching this and you'd do well to follow suit and stay away.
December 30, 2008
i think lizzy caplan is cool! and did a great job on this movie! kinda creepy at the end!
December 13, 2008
This movie is awesom
October 19, 2008
Dark, psychological, gripping even tho a tad over done in places it comes across well.
August 14, 2008
This indie movie reminds of those old tragedies like Shakespearean trageties. The pace is so mellow that when it flips on you you are totally caught off guard. It turns from that staple of boy outcast wanting to be cool to a clusterfuck in a matter of minutes. John Patrick Amedori and Lizzy Caplan are amazing in the lead roles, the other actors only add to the drama a few nuggets while they completely steal the show.
½ July 16, 2008
Sadly, The subject matter lowers my opinion of the movie. Though it seemed well executed, it lacked any emotional impact on me.
July 9, 2008
June 27, 2008
Before watching the movie, from what I had seen I thought this would be nothing more than girls getting high, drunk and naked with the movie being filled with teenage drama. Luckily, it was nothing like that. I was pleased with the story, acting and the director's work. Overall a pretty good movie.
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