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½ April 3, 2015
This turned out to be a surprisingly special little flick.
½ April 20, 2014
Just watched on youtube, not really an Easter movie.
Just barely watchable, movie about mentally unstable woman and a cult of killers. Strange and misses the mark as often as it hits.
½ January 29, 2014
now, i watch a lot of weird movies, but this one was... weird. i don't really know what to say about it. it's gotta be pretty racy for the early 70's doesn't it? i mean, not that they really show anything happening, but there is quite a bit of nudity among both men and women. and i'm not quite sure i followed the story in it's entirety, either. the story itself was weird and the way it was produced was also kind of weird. it's definitely a creepy movie.
December 8, 2012
One of the few films that explores necrophilia with intriguing results. It may have its occasional exploitative moment but the story is surprisingly effective and the lead actress is sympathetic and compelling. There really hasn't been that many films that took necrophilia seriously and this character study works and leaves the viewer with a clever twist. It's not high art but as far as cult films go, it's bold and successfully twisted.
½ July 18, 2012
On tämä 70-luvun alussa voinut olla kovakin juttu, mutta 2012 katsottuna lähinnä huvittavan pitkäveteinen.
February 11, 2012
Necrophilia... now there's a subject that's even too taboo for the horror genre to tackle too often. For those that don't know, the basic definition is the "sex with a corpse". As one can see the word doesn't spell 'box office block buster' with such a grim and disgusting definition and most horror films that deal with the subject, like "NECROmantic", play it for all out gross-out effect. "Love Me Deadly" however is far more subtle with the manner, delving into a person going through self-discovery of their sickening attraction and ends up being far better than one would expect with such a plot device.

A beautiful blond (played by Mary Wilcox) with daddy issues is making the rounds at funeral homes, attending funerals of young to middle aged men in order to get some alone time with the deceased to get her freak on. A macabre funeral director takes notice in here multiple appearances and invites here to join a group who share the same desires. Struggling with her fetish, she can't break her attraction despite falling in love and marrying. Will her husband find out about her ghoulish past time activities?

Though it has disturbing scenes, writer/director Jacques Lacerte handles the subject matter with maturity and doesn't go the route of complete gross-out just for the effect of making audiences throw up in their barf buckets. The plot is engrossing as we follow this beauty and here self-discovery of here grotesque deserves. Actress Mary Wilcox effectively establishes the war within herself, knowing the act is wrong but can't help but caving in. There is an interesting subplot which revolves around our macabre funeral home director that accosts gay gigolos only to kill them to have his way with them after death.

The film does tread into some unintentional laughter territory as our Necro Blond does lead several of here friends and family members into the funeral home only to have them killed off. Seriously, it's like three or four times. I'm surprised the funeral home director just didn't have her killed off in order to save on headache of killing people that discovered his secret coven of necrophiliacs.

For a low budget drive-in flick, director Jacques Lacerte could have easily taken the film into gross-out territory in order to sell more tickets and I applaud him for taking the film more seriously. Still the sick premises does have a number of disturbing scenes but the film overall is a slow burner, taking it's time to build up to a memorable ending. Don't expect any jump scares or sheer terror, "Love Me Deadly" is a slow builder of creepy and off-beat atmosphere and definitely worth a watch for fans of horror films that lie a little outside the box, or would a better term be casket?
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June 15, 2011 is coming....
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½ June 15, 2011
This movie looks like it over hyped itself when it came out, and even now the DVD says it's uncut. I can't imagine what they would have cut out, it's so mild. It is a creepy movie for the most part, though, because of the good editing and sound, it's creepier than you think. I also loved the song for the movie, which is cute and creepy at the same time. I was expecting to see more than the movie shows us of the film's subject, but other than that, it's pretty good.
March 13, 2011
Shocking and dramatic and probably not quite what you would expect from a movie about necrophilia. Amazing flick.
½ August 13, 2010
Not exactly a horror film, "Love Me Deadly" is a quintessentially 70's flick that plays largely like a Lifetime movie about a woman trying to come to terms with her necrophilia and unusual sexual fixation on her deceased father. The clothes, the dialogue and the cast itself verge on the terminally groovy in this dated flick that manages to throw a little shock in with the cheezy presence of Lyle Waggoner.

After the death of her father, Lindsay (Mary Wilcox) just isn't right in the head. She goes to funerals to hang around afterward and get touchy-feely with the corpses. In the course of this, she meets two men. One is a fellow necrophile, the other is the brother of one of the deceased. The necrophile isn't content to wait around for corpses; he makes them himself. In one of the best shock moments early in the film, he picks up and exsanguinates a male prostitute. The brother of the deceased (Lyle Waggoner), on the other hand, reminds her of daddy. Lindsay gets involved with him and they get married, but not before she's fallen into the clutches of a necrophile group that's been killing people and fiddling about with the fresh corpses. A couple of stabbings later, Lindsay has to defend hubby from the killers, leading at last to the big reveal as to Lindsay's hand in the death of her father.

What was mind-boggling shock in 1973 doesn't pack too much punch in 2010. "Love Me Deadly" has its moments, but much of it gets a bit tedious or even laughable now (the scene in the cemetery, with Lindsay regressing to childhood at her father's grave, gets particularly silly; watch for Lyle Waggoner trying to emote and failing miserably). This is definitely one for the 70's buffs, though. "Nekromantik" meets Jerry Springer at the local morgue.
April 21, 2010
1 star for Lyle Waggoners tan lines & 1 star for brief full-frontal nudity.
½ September 18, 2009
Lindsay Finch (Mary Wilcox), who was sexually molested by her father as a child, has grown into a rather disturbed young woman. She?s first seen at a funeral making out with a corpse, and next browsing through the obituaries for men who?ve died recently, looking for just one brief intimate moment once backs are turned or the room is empty. During one such trip she gets carried away and crushes the nose of a corpse, not realizing the face she was feeling was of a man whose face had to be reconstructed for the viewing. As she?s fleeing the mortuary, she bumps into the dead man?s brother Alex (Lyle Waggoner), briefly introduces herself and leaves. Meanwhile, Fred McSweeney (Timothy Scott), a mortician who runs his own funeral parlor, is out cruising the gay district of the city. He picks up a young street hustler named Billy-Jo (I. William Quinn) and gives him 10 extra bucks if he?ll accompany him to where he work for sex. When they get there, he talks Billy-Jo into getting up on a slab naked, then quickly straps him down, jabs needles into him and embalms him alive!

Lindsay, trying to force a ?normal? relationship, goes on a date with a pushy, womanizing jerk named Wade (Christopher Stone) and begins spying on art gallery owner Alex because he resembles her dead father. Fred notices Lindsay?s been hanging around at funeal services and is getting touchy feely with the bodies and lets her know, ?You are not alone.? Turns out Fred?s the leader of a secret society of hooded necrophiliacs who meet together and share their hobby late at night at his establishment. After going to pick up another prostitute (female this time), he sends Lindsay an invite. She goes, walks in on room full of nude necros getting down with a corpse and runs away in disgust. Fred promises to let her have a ?private session?with a corpse to help ease her into this new and exciting (?) lifestyle.

Lindsay begins spending more and more time with Alex and the two eventually get married, but Alex is frustrated because his new bride sleeps in a different bedroom and won?t have sex with him. He becomes even more suspicious when she?s caught lying about sneaking off to the funeral home. The fact she's been receiving priority letters from McSweeney Funeral Home on a regular basis doesn't look good either. The bad news for him, and for anyone else who happens to stumble upon the secret society, is that they?re immediately killed.

There have been many other movies made before this one with a discreet hint of necrophilia, but this is one of the earliest I can think of that completely revolves around it and seems to be trying to maturely delve into psychological aspects instead of using the subject matter simply to shock. Lindsay is shown as a woman who desperately wants to be normal, but can?t. She?s far too overwhelmed by her urge to be with the dead to have a healthy relationship with a consenting adult. What most would deem sick and immoral is normal and comforting to her... and a select few others. Frequent flashbacks (some sepia toned) to Lindsay?s youth try to shed some light on why she is the way she is.
August 23, 2009
Lindsay has some daddy issues & has a lust for necrophilia. This is a problem for the newlywed who can't bring herself to make love to her husband & is only drawing suspicion to herself as she hangs out @ the funeral home (who she has been invited by a cult of undead fornicators.)
February 15, 2009
Boooring soap opera/thriller about a frigid necrophiliac woman. Yup, that's pretty much it.
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½ October 22, 2008
The Horror! The Horror !
August 23, 2008
While this film may be nowhere near the caliber that is Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (they make this correlation in the trailer), Love Me Deadly manages to be a clever little Gothic yarn of the occult and necrophilia. Mary Wilcox, from the very get go, loves to fuck the dead, and soon she is starting to find others who share this same passion, but at a much more extreme level. Rather than going full blown soft (or hard)core skinemax quality work, the movie opts to present clear story structure and suspense. though we occasionally see a tit slip here and there, and a cock too! Mary Wilcox's body is amazing for the few seconds we get to peep at it. Tis a shame she fled to become an Anglican priest in Canada. Tis a sham indeed. Anyways, I enjoyed most of the people in this, but no one has EVER made me laugh harder than the Billy-Jo, a streetwalking gigolo who meets an unfortunate fate with one of the necrophiliacs. Who could not laugh at his shrill screams of "MY BLOOD, MY BLOOD" or "HE'S NOT KIDDING, HE'S NOT KIDDING" as the man starts to slowly blood let and embalm him! Fucking hilarious.
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