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Love Me if You Dare Quotes

  • Julien: Being an adult means to have a speedometer that marks 210 and not driving over 60.

  • Sophie: Don't say a word. Let me talk. You missed me? Because I missed you. You're a real tyrant. It's so hard to be mad at you. But don't kid yourself, I still am. I want to talk and forget the game, just for once. Like my dress? I hesitated. Nabbed it off my sister. She has another red one, like a thermonuclear bombshell... That's the one I should've worn. I must've spent... three hours in front of the mirror. But I got there, see? I'm pretty. You better like it, or I'll kill you!

  • Sophie: Tell me that you love me first because I'm afraid that if I tell you first you'll think that I'm playing the game.

  • Julien: Friends are like specs. They make you look clever,but get scratched and you tire.

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