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A Love Song for Bobby Long Quotes

  • Lawson Pines: You know, I knew your mother pretty well.
    Pursy Will: How well?
    Lawson Pines: She was hard to understand. But she kept the door to her heart open.
    Pursy Will: Well, the way I've heard it was more of a revolvin' door, now, wasn't it?

  • Lawson Pines: You know that you eat like shit?
    Pursy Will: You drink too much?
    Lawson Pines: Okay?

  • Georgianna: So now what? Lorraine finally kick ya'll out?
    Bobby Long: No... she never would. Besides, God wouldn't let that happen.
    Lawson Pines: Really? And why not?
    Bobby Long: Because God knows me and I know God.

  • Lee: Look, I'm sorry. Why don't you just cook me some dinner and I'll go rent us some porno?
    Pursy Will: I have to go to a funeral, Lee. Unless I miss it because you forgot to tell me that my mother is dead!

  • Lawson Pines: We die only one, and for such a long time.
    Bobby Long: Moliere.

  • Bobby Long: We cannot tear it out a single page of our lives, but we can throw the whole book in the fire.
    Lawson Pines: George Sand.
    Bobby Long: Now, I thought that would be a hard one.

  • Bobby Long: It's all right, I can walk to the curb from here. Get me a beer.

  • Bobby Long: Happiness makes up in height, what it lacks in length.

  • Bobby Long: You think she'll come right home?
    Lawson Pines: Where else would a teenage girl go straight home to her endlessly entertainin' middle-aged room mates?

  • Pursy Will: Every idiot knows that books are better than life. That's why they're books!

  • Pursy Will: Lawson, Bobby's tryin' to get to tell me where the vodka is again.
    Lawson Pines: Pursy, it is Christmas.
    Pursy Will: Oh, whatever, it's under the back stairs.

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