The Lover (L'amant) Reviews

May 25, 2018
The most fascinating character in JeanJacques Annaud's film of the novel by Marguerite Duras is Vietnam, long before the terrible and futile war.
February 8, 2018
The Lover's rarefied sensibility takes getting used to; once its spell is cast, you won't want to blink.
July 6, 2010
The abundant sex - soft-core and tasteful - and the splendid sets make up for the film's banal style.
September 7, 2004
It's tough, clear-eyed, utterly unsentimental, produced lavishly but with such discipline that the exotic locale never gets in the way of the minutely detailed drama at the center.
November 15, 2003
March 14, 2003
Stylish if somewhat tedious study of a young Vietnamese woman who falls under the spell of an older dandy.
July 31, 2002