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½ November 24, 2015
5. The stories of Missie and the orphan siblings: Uniting again with a new family.

The fifth one in the Hallmark's 'Love Comes Softly' movie series. Once again the story skips to a couple of years forward. I remembered last time I said the movie was better than what others thought about it, but this time it was not the same case. It was a little letdown, especially in the first half.

After losing the husband, Willie, in the line of duty, Missie and her son Mattie moves back to be near with her parents and to start afresh life. It is a changed town now, less opportunities and more competitive for everything. Missie decline's her parents offer to help her financially. The mother and son rent a small house and settles down with enough earnings to support themselves. Until one day an orphan girl joins them and changes the course of the narration in a new direction.

"I couldn't save Jenny... And you couldn't save Kathy.
But we can save Jacob."

The first three films were so good in the series, but I kind of feeling it beginning to decline as the rest of the movies followed, especially since the previous one. It was so wonderful to introduce some interesting characters, but did not capitalised with the fetchable scenes. In this, the second half was so much better than the first. The movie regained its strength because of what came forth. Otherwise, it would have been the worst in the series, but still it is like the least satisfying film by far.

Eliminating the character, Willie, was severely criticised from all the quarters, that mean the movie is not following the book as it should have been. I think being accurate to the book might have brought the justice. But I won't come to any conclusion comparing with both the format since I have not read the book. They might have thought changes could give a new look for those who have read the book, but seems the idea did not clinch well.

The two new characters and their quest were the highlight. Some of the issues it talked were inspired by the real ones. From the societal perspective that was a good thing. Kind of refreshes from the regular perspective of the storytelling like ranch, school, especially deaths. Yep, so far, the series had deaths in each film, but none in this one. There was one prior to this story commence, which was kind of told in a flashback or from recollecting the memory. Anyway, it was a passable product, like as always hoping to get better in the next.

6 1/2/10
July 13, 2011
Love's Unending Legacy has grown tired and predictable on its fifth film.
½ March 20, 2011
This Was A Very Good Christian Movie Ever Made And It's One Of The Best Movies That I Ever Like Ever And It Was Uplifting And It Was The Best Christian Movie That Is Ever Made.
March 4, 2011
Why they had to kill off Willie is beyond me. Janette Oke would never have killed him. This movie is fine if you can get over the fact that Willie is dead.
½ December 4, 2010
The fifth in a series of many films set in the midwest or maybe north or south or west of there.. we do not know. The time is even a mystery.

Based on Janette Oke's saga and best selling novel, these films represent some of the most heart rendering, substantial films you could watch. Very similar to Little House on the Prarie episodes, but of no particular town or era. Without seeing the entire set of films it is very, very difficult to establish a chronology of all the families that these episodes represent.

Of one thing is true, these are Christian based films, but they do not harp and become so obvious that the viewer knows they are being lectured by the religious productions.

In this episode, about an hour and a half, Missy (the local teacher) falls in love with the local sherrif who helps her in so many ways. But Missy is a widow of her first love, a sheriff who died in the line of duty.

Now she finally is beginning to overcome her loss after two years, adopting a teenage girl against her better judgement.
She soon learns to love again after tremendous loss. The sheriff now in her life is a widower as well. They both exchange their stories at some point in the film.

This film is worth watching, and the cinematography of the farms and lands is briefly astounding. Otherwise, this is pretty much television land.

Pretty well acted by unknowns, at least to me anyway.

Approx. run time 84 min
Genre Christian drama
Written by Pamela Wallace
Janette Oke
Directed by Mark Griffiths
Produced by Brian Gordon
Erik Oslon


Erin Cottrell
Holliston Coleman
Tanner Richie
Dale Midkiff
Editing by Colleen Halsey
Music by Kevin Kiner
Country USA
Language English
Original channel Hallmark Channel
April 9, 2010
Nothing can ever beat the first 2 movies in this series...but this one is still good.
½ March 14, 2010
Missie three years later: being a single mother after her husband Willie was shot during a poker scuffle. She and Maddy move back in with her parents Clark and Marty. She finds a new home, and finds a new teaching position that she settles right into, but Missie has lost all faith in herself, until a chance encounter at her father's church where she adopts homeless orphan Belinda Marshall. Missie didn't want to adopt another child into the family, as she is already taking care of Addie, but decides to welcome her in with open arms. Missie also finds interest in Zack Tyler, the town's sheriff. There are subplots and incidents that mirror Missie's tragic losses, and through the experiences will she ever find a way to bring hope and joy?
½ February 15, 2010
Loved this whole series but the first and second are still my favorite of them all. This one made me sad that Willie had died but I love her relationship with Belinda.
Super Reviewer
December 7, 2009
here we go again. more love. if God loves my mother im sure there will be another "love" movie made every time she gets her period.
August 30, 2009
Not the best one. It's ok.
July 19, 2009
I love these movies! The books are even better!
July 6, 2009
I love this movie. Like all the rest of the movies in the series, amazing and inspirational <3
May 10, 2009
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March 27, 2009
Very decent story. I watched it with Melissa and got some snuggle time in. I appreciate how God isn't portrayed as someone locked up in a building on Sunday mornings.
March 5, 2009
Another of the good series of movies.
March 4, 2009
This was a great movie I really enjoyed it!!
January 16, 2009
I love this movie! I love all these movies.
½ December 22, 2008
There is a good story somewhere in there... buried beneath the (mostly) bad acting. Unfortunately, the film goes for laughs (sometimes) and formula and cheese rather than developing the strong drama that's clearly there. The clearest rays of sunshine in this mess are Erin Cottrell, who really has developed through these films into a good actress, and Holliston Coleman, who shows a great amount of potential. I'd like to see them work with more capable co-stars and directors in the future. I'd also like to see more capable translations of these books.
December 11, 2008
I love this era in history and with it being a Christian based film and Michael Landon Jr directing and producing the whole series of these movies, I highly recommend these to watch!! I would give it 10 stars if I could.
December 10, 2008
i loved the series

i love all of these movies
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