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Maldeamores (Lovesickness) (Maladies of Love) Reviews

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September 15, 2015
Best Puerto Rican movie for the moment, funny and entertaining as good comedies need to be
March 17, 2015
love this movie. I can't stop laughing no matter how many times I see it.
January 15, 2013
A melancholy tale of interconnecting lives in contemporary Puerto Rico.
August 18, 2012
This movie is so funny
March 17, 2012
Fun, sweet, full of life, charming and a little bit insane.
March 9, 2012
Good hearted but shrill. What we talk about when we talk about love. Love at 72 (where's the enema bag?) psychopathic love (marry me or I'll shoot myself), pre-teen love (want some gum?). Watchable for the fast pace and tropical scenery (there are even coqui frogs).
½ November 30, 2011
Refreshing...very nice story...a wonderful lesson in LOVE!!!
July 30, 2011
Pleasant viewing; however, something missing but cannot put my finger on it. Something in the movie (maybe the accents) reminds me of Havana.
July 26, 2011
It's a fine piece of work. Four stars because Benicio del Toro definitely knew what he was doing. I think, however, that he can do even better, and make a storyline that pushes the envelope just a little bit more.
November 16, 2010
feel-good soft-toned romantic comedy
½ November 12, 2010
probably one of the greatest Puerto Rican films ever made, and one of the few that have started some sort of film renaissance/movement in my native country
October 12, 2010
Brutal!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME LATIN FILM!!!!
August 4, 2010
Feels disjointed. Comedy seems similar to a raunchy Seth Rogan film.
June 4, 2010
I am always happy when i watch good movies and definetly this is one of them!
Multicharacter film with a lot of nice moments. Very entertaining film and worth watching! I can suggest it to everyone.

PLUS: Stories, characters, overall feeling

CONS: Pace
June 4, 2010
Creo que ha sido de las mejores peliculas puertorrique~ nas que he visto. Cada una de las historias tiene su tematica particular y la que mas me encanto fue la de los viejos. Siempre cargan con algunas cosas clichosas, pero definitivamente es una muy buena produccion. Las actuaciones me sorprendieron pq normalmente estoy acostumbrado a la forma medio forzada de actuar. En esta pelicula en particular, los personajes fluyeron con naturalidad. Es una pelicula entretenidad y buena para ver en familia y disfrutar un rato. Le gusto hasta a los gringos, jajajaja.
½ December 26, 2009
I loved the movie so much I bought the DVD. Great story line and very entertaining. I got a great laugh. Silvia Brito's charcter (so much like my own mother) hit home. In my opinion, she made the movie.
October 6, 2009
Simplemente perfecta. Los actores talentosos junto a la dirección asombrosa de Carlos Ruíz Ruíz y Mariem Pérez Riera y la trama original demuestra el talento escondido boricua en el arte de la cinematografía.
September 23, 2009
My fisrt Puertorican film! thought is was going to be the worst movie ever and i found a great surprise, despite the accent i used to judge as annoying once the story (stories) begins i just forgot about the accent and left myself float into this great direction.
Amazing performances, great stories, i just never thought i was going to love a film from Puerto Rico, this is a glorious exception!
½ September 23, 2009
ako zanemarimo americki nezavisni film, bilo koje ostvarenje na spanskom jeziku predstavlja pravo osvezenje od holivuda.
½ September 23, 2009
I needed a good laugh today and this film provided it. This is a superb Puerto Rican film which depicts the reality of love, at every age. See this film!
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