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January 4, 2015
150104: What to write, what to write? I'm a big Hill fan, especially My Name Is Nobody (1973), so I'd really like to be able to write something nice. This film is weak. The effects are weak, the story is weak, at least the humour is a bit better; but weak. I can't give this more than two stars. I can see so much potential but it just wasn't realized. Fritz Sperberg (Averill Dalton) would be the highlight to me. Now, go watch the 2009 version of this character.
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July 24, 2013
This 1991 adaptation of the classic Lucky Luke comic is quite underrated and is one of the better comic book adaptations based on these classic French comics. The film is quite funny and the cast do a fine job in their parts. The humor in the film resonates well with what the comics offered, and there are several references to the books, which if you're a fan, you'll surely appreciate and really enjoy the experience of watching this underrated gem. The cast are great in their roles, and there is enough here to entertain anyone looking for a fun, humorous Western. Lucky Luke is a worthy viewing for fans of the comics. And though it isn't perfect, it has plenty of effective moments to really make it an entertaining and worthwhile viewing experience. The characters that make up the comics are strung throughout the films, including the Dalton Brothers, which provide a lot of comic relief throughout each scene they're in. This is a far better film than the Asterix live action movies that came out a few years later. Along with the version starring Jean Dujardin, this is a fun and highly worthy picture for fans of the books. However it has its flaws, but works well due to great on-screen gags and effective performances from each of the cast. Enjoy this film for what it is, and you'll surely love it for what it is. There are more strength displayed on-screen and with effective comedy throughout, this Western/ Comedy is fun for all ages. If you have the chance of seeing this film, give it a shot, you'll be delighted at what they were able to pull out from the books, which is quite minimal, but nonetheless there was plenty of source material to work from and the result is displayed on-screen, and quite frankly it doesn't disappoint whatsoever.
½ June 11, 2013
Terence Hill rides again--A hoot!!
May 29, 2013
Off beat comic book western about a sheriff and a criminal gang of brothers. A weak production with a story that smells of a throwback of countless other westerns. The character of lucky luke, and his Terence Hill's interpretation, could have done with a better film.
½ July 14, 2012
A BAD movie. Apart from being written by an obviously stoned writer, cinematography and effects that make it hard to believe this was filmed in the 90s (and not in the 60s), and horrible, horrible editing, this movie has little to offer except the combined nostalgia-bonuses of Terrence Hill and Lucky Luke.
September 20, 2010
there were a couple good jokes, but overall it was rather dull. also, the acting kinda sucked.
½ April 26, 2009
terece hill... quien no ha visto sus pelis....
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