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April 12, 2010
love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it <3
March 4, 2010
Quit freaking predictable but good movie . Love Patrick Dempsey . He is a hottie .
½ February 1, 2010
High quality for a made for TV movie. I thought the movie was adorable: Patrick Dempsey & Kim Paisley had great chemistry, the storyline was cute and touching.. it's really ashame it took me all of these years to know about this flick.
January 20, 2010
This was such a funny film. I really loved it. Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Patrick Dempsey were perfectly cast together and i loved the whole story of how she was destined to marry her 7th boyfriend. A great film and one everyone can fall in love with.
January 10, 2010
2 stars for Patrick Dempsey.. thats all :)
But fun to watch when you need something light and easy.Love rules the world! :D
January 7, 2010
Cute movie. My favorite thing about it is the look in Patrick's eyes whenever he sees Kimberly. It's just sweetness.
January 7, 2010
Cute movie. I liked the chemistry between Kimberly and Patrick...and I LOVED the look in his eyes whenever he looked at her. Sweetness.
January 6, 2010
loved it, about taking chances in life sometimes, i certainly did & i've been married for 10 yrs now
½ January 3, 2010
I thought it was a fun, light movie. Very enjoyable!
December 31, 2009
Love this movie, very cute and romantic
½ October 25, 2009
FUNNY in a cheesy kinda way
½ September 17, 2009
pretty, it's touching, sweet...
oh, i'm just in love with this movie. he made me go out of the room with a soft smile on my face. i dont wanna tell you its one of the greatest movies of the year or something like that, cause if you are not having a good day or if you are stressed you will probably think it's silly and very cliché... and maybe it really is (but in a good way)
{ Patrick *---* }
August 16, 2009
Not terribly creative as far as writing or plot go, but cute and light-hearted.
½ August 14, 2009
Está linda para pasar el rato, el reparto está muy bien elegido y la historia es muy tierna.
½ July 13, 2009
Okay seriously, it's Patrick Dempsey so why are you confused? He was totally cuter and didn't scream douchbag. It was cute at least, insanely predictable, but at least it did have some funny moments and it wasn't horribly acted.
June 18, 2009
yeah i enjoyed a made for tv chick flick. what of it! lol

no seriously it was really quite lovely. almost too lovely. and kimberly williams is hot!
June 8, 2009
I did not see this movie in its entirety, but I saw Patrick Dempsey was in it so I was like why not let me watch it. From where I began to see it I really like it; it's a cute movie. I caught it on Lifetime so I hope I can catch it from the beginning some day.
½ April 17, 2009
Very predictable. so only OK.
April 13, 2009
Cute romantic comedy starring Kimberley Williams-Paisley.
½ March 8, 2009
I love this movie!

This movie is for adults but i really like it!
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