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September 30, 2016
Something is missing...
July 9, 2014
The found footage offers a rawness to the film, and the actors do a great job of melting into that false reality. I say RENT IT!!!
½ July 8, 2014
The first half of Lucky Bastard is better than it probably deserves to be given the crude subject matter and dialogue because it offers insight into an industry that is frowned upon by most. However, the latter half is less insightful and more inhuman, leaving a dirty taste in the viewers' mouth and squandering what could have been a welcome addition to the found footage genre.
April 9, 2014
a found-footage flick that makes the adult industry all the more terrifying
what starts out as a fun day turns into an erotic nightmare
it's a shame that the winner of a website contest who has the chance to have sexual intercourse with an adult entertainer is pushed to the breaking point
the found-footage style here is expertly crafted with wit, pizazz, and realism
we even are treated to a bigger view of the whole profession and how it is just as business and how it's supposed to work
it's unflinchingly violent to boot and at times creepy yet still feels a bit restrained from what could have been shown
it's a nail-biter that's for sure
½ March 22, 2014
'Lucky Bastard' is a bracingly original found footage film which is well-acted and effectively creepy. It builds up plenty of suspense and thrills while being often unpredictable and entertaining. The only let-down is that it didn't seem to make the most of its NC-17 rating, the ideas were there, the execution just seemed a tad bit too safe.
½ March 3, 2014
It's not necessarily a GREAT horror movie, but it's certainly an interesting one, and pretty original to boot.
February 23, 2014
It succeeds with its characterization, realism, and its twisted ideas.
February 18, 2014
A film that is trying to be a condemnation of the adult film industry. It fails at every step of the way. Yes, it's characters (except for the psycho) are likable and have good chemistry together but the last 30 minutes push the boundaries of taste....even for myself. Skip it.
February 13, 2014
Not that you know what it's about - you're probably wondering... "Mike, what did you think of it?"'s not a bad movie. I liked it. Now...keep in's no HUGE HOLLYWOOD BUDGET FILM...but it gets the job done. Without giving too much away - it had its good parts and maybe a couple of bad parts.

THE GOOD...interesting 'found footage' story. I've watched a lot of movies like this - but this has to be the FIRST 'Found Footage' Porn flick for me. (lol) I thought it was cool - I mean...what guy hasn't wished of winning a contest like this. (lol) I know I have...and for some reason I always pictured myself doing what David/Ernest does...EXCEPT THE KILLING PART! (lol) I thought when David/Ernest decides to go all psycho - his murders were believable. (lol) I'm not going to lie - I was worried about the blood stuff. So HIGH 5 there LUCKY BASTARD folks! (lol) Last but not least - David/Ernest whatever. I thought the dude who played him - was solid. David/Ernest was a total creeper!! I guess because of people like HIM is the reason why we don't see a lot of contests like these. (lol) DAMN YOU CRAZIES!

THE BAD...some of the acting was a little off for me. I mean...for a 'found footage' porn movie - the sex parts - they didn't feel right for me...kind of cheesy...not believable. AND I KNOW...some of ya'll are thinking "What do you know Mike?!" and to that I would say, "I'm a connoisseur of Adult Entertainment - and that is all. (lol)

OH WAIT...WHY WOULDN'T ASHLEY RUN?! COME ONNNN...SHE HAD SO MANY CHANCES!!! Ok - I'm good now. I just had to get that out. OH WAIT one more Casey :( I was soooo Team Casey. (HAWT)

I GIVE LUCKY BASTARD 2 OUT OF 5 POPCORN''s a cool watch. If you're into midnight slasher flicks, WTF movies, 'found footage' movies or even porn...then LUCKY BASTARD is for you. (lol)

LUCKY BASTARD will release at the Cinema Village this Friday in New York and at the Laemmle's NoHo 7 in Los Angeles on March 7th - it will expand to additional cities throughout the spring.
January 30, 2014
From the perspective of a life-long diehard movie enthusiast, I really enjoyed Lucky Bastard and find myself surprisingly haunted by some of the imagery and the darkness of the story's antagonist. It would be easy to dismiss Lucky Bastard as something trite and low-brow and seemingly not worth the time to pop some corn. Any movie in which the backdrop is the adult film industry suffers an immediate stigma and a lot of closed minds unwilling to consider it as a "legitimate" movie-going experience. That is unfortunate because there is much to treasure here, from the frequently hilarious dialogue to the spot-on performance of Don McManus to the shocking moments of violence that seem totally plausible in today's world.

Lucky Bastard is a highly entertaining exercise in the found-footage genre, lending the impression that we are watching real people in a real situation. Unlike other found-footage movies that focus on the supernatural and therefore become questionable in their realism, Lucky Bastard unfolds with specific and tangible reality. Some may question the acting ability of the cast, but don't be fooled by kneejerk critical reactions. These actors know what they're doing to sell the concept of the movie, as do the artists behind the camera. The very premise, that of a young man who wins a date with his favorite adult film star and visits the set of an adult website to perform in a scene, is 200% believable in the p*rn-saturated cyber reality we live in today. And if you're paying attention, the movie addresses something far beyond the on-screen dalliances of a hopeful everyman and his dream woman. It's ultimately about the dangers of exploitation and the risk of gleefully humiliating so-called geeks, people we label without really knowing them or what they are capable of unleashing. When you consider the facts of today's world in which troubled young people walk into shopping malls and schools and IHOPs to open fire with automatic weapons, Lucky Bastard presents a disturbingly potential reality of what can and does happen when you don't know what you're really dealing with.

To give away Lucky Bastard's plot turns would do a disservice to the prospective viewer. I would simply say give the movie a shot if you want to be entertained, amused, titillated, and ultimately shocked. The movie will gently carry you along for a while, making you laugh, misleading you into a lazy state of casual observation until the first shock comes. The latter half of the film is far from humorous, and there are moments that will resonate, especially when you think about the internet-obsessed guy next door who seems harmless yet a little creepy.

Lucky Bastard puts a fresh spin on the found-footage genre and is effective in delivering laughs, surprises, and an ick factor that you'll think about after it's over. It's also worth mentioning that it's one of the few thrillers I can think of that delivers gruesome events in bright daylight, and that stylistic choice really stood out to me and helps distinguish Lucky Bastard as a unique and believable tale. I think this movie has a very strong appeal to a young, hip audience, and I'm really hoping it can get the attention it deserves and rise above those who would carelessly dismiss it. Check it out!
½ November 26, 2013
No pierdas tu tiempo... con esta pelicula.
June 10, 2013
really a lucky bastard...
½ April 21, 2013
cleaver little indie film,the acting is very wooden but the story plays out rather Well and proved to be a ok film
April 20, 2013
A rather unique found-footage thriller, Lucky Bastard depicts the producers of a porn website called "Lucky Bastard" as they film their final segment for the site. The site pairs members up with the porn stars they love and records their experience. However, this particularly pairing of an overly knowledgeable fan and its favorite porn star takes a deadly turn. A rather intelligent deconstruction of the porn film and a critique of the capitalist system that produces such films, Lucky Bastard is an engaging, at times erotic, and brutal little horror film that shows that the found-footage style still has some life in it.
Super Reviewer
April 18, 2013
It's my immense displeasure that the first ever rated "NC-17" found footage film is also one of the worst films of it kind. Poor cinematography aside this is below the level incompetency not just from a storytelling perspective but as film-making as a whole.

Lucky Bastard is a "found footage" thriller about a porn website run by Mike that invites fans to have sex with porn stars. Supposedly the film claims it's captured by the "Lucky Bastard" porn cameras and "is a fresh take on the "found footage" genre". It does not bring a fresh perspective in the found footage genre. If anything it singlehandedly proves why this genre is very weak when it comes to telling a story. It is lazy, filled with plot holes, detestable characters, an absence of logic, and filled with enough material to teach young filmmakers how not make a film. These filmmakers behind "Lucky Bastard" are very talented to have made something beyond simply being awful.

The film begins by telling audiences that the "found footage" film is made of real footage with permissions of the signed participant to legally show the footage. "Found footage" filmmakers if you're claiming your film contains real footage it's a good idea to A.) Not include credits of the actors B.) Go with a credible premise and reasonable profession to why the person is constantly filming, and C.) Do not ever insert footage of a "real" crime scene if you only have one possible candidate for the killer. The opening title card is pretentious saying "For too long the adult entertainment industry has pushed the limit of not only obscenity but common sense". Well I would blame propaganda films like "The Birth of A Nation" that idolizes the KKK that pushed the limit of common sense, but surely porn has done something worse. I mean who am I to argue about obscenity against the filmmakers. I have only seen several animals actually being killed on screen and a one containing an actual autopsy of a kid, but I'm sure the filmmakers would have some good argument to make a claim that bold. One viewing later and the filmmakers have no supporting arguments.

The first eight minutes are entirely pointless. In these eight minutes we see a woman objecting to filming rape porn, but then turns out she is filming rape porn. A bit of a redundant start and keeps getting lower (much to my surprise). I mention these eight minutes because male genitalia is censored in a "NC-17" rated film. The reasoning behind this makes no sense since naked women never come up censored. Not that I want to see male genitalia in my movie, but this is "NC-17" and if the film is set in the porn industry it should not hold anything back. We get a series of unlikable "victims" and questionable editing of why certain scenes were retain. In one scene a porn actress flirtatiously speaks to the camera and orgasm of the idea of doing taxes including a specific detail about saving money with coupons. Sadly this is the most erotic moment in the film since the whole picture lacks nudity and anyone with a personality.

Our so called "Lucky Bastard" is a stereotypical killer who you could tell is crazy from first sight (even the poster gives it away). The opening eight minutes eliminate any mystery since we know this random guy from the internet has no connection to any of the other characters. The killer is the most likable character because he is justified his action. The producer, cameraman, and porn stars are given no redeemable traits. We are told these people have kids, but are constantly mistreating the "Lucky Bastard" you find it difficult want cheer for the heroes death.

You think a website whose service allows viewers to have sex with porn stars would have a better idea of how to approach things like this. Not according to the film. There is a scene where our "Lucky Bastard" has a boner in the van and the producer tells him to go into a public restroom in a restaurant and wank off. Luckily the killer doesn't take the producer advice, but why in the world anyone record something for a porn site in a public restaurant. Also, what kind of producer just tells someone to wank off in a public place out of nowhere. One thing I couldn't buy (like my time back) was the porn star character. The porn star who agreed to have sex with the customer claims she's a professional and has standards. That very difficult to believe when she agreed to have sex with some random crazy looking fan and was easily persuaded to do so.

I like the speech the producer gives to the "Lucky Bastard" about how if their was no more women they would be no more porn. Not true, there has to be around over a million sites just dedicated to porn and there's these thing called computers and DVDs that can save these kind of videos. Sure straight and lesbian porn would no longer continue, but there literally thousands of hours of this stuff recorded on the internet. Also homoerotica would thrive in the industry since it would be the only new content being made and you think a guy working in the adult entertainment industry would know that.

When it comes time to the actual killings they disappoint. The killer is not bright killing one of the workers on camera, in broad daylight in a neighborhood, and when cars are passing by him committing the murder. The killer eliminate the rest by hitting one in the head with a bat and shooting three other victims in the back. Talk about lack of creativity in your killer. The killer also tells a guy to pointlessly wank off before pistol whipping him to death. As for the final death it's unsatisfying for it also ends with someone being shot. I would sympathize with some of the victims, except they deserved it. One was constantly cheating on his wife and seeing how he mistreated his crew I find it difficult to feel any remorse for that specific character. The same could be applied to this film. It's pretends to have something significant to say and a deep story that you can't but hate it just for its immense pretentiousness.

"Lucky Bastard" is "found footage" film-making at it worst being pretentious believing it's deep without a strong argument. The ambiguity of the mystery is diminish within minutes and giving us unlikable heroes is among the worse offense eliminating suspense. The killer is obvious and the way he kills his victims leaves something to be desired. The editing is cheap, the photography is hardly viewable without the camera shaking, and the acting is nonexistent. It has a terrible story that a porno would be embarrassed to have.
April 12, 2013
I REALLY liked this movie. I thought the acting was fantastic! Again, not a movie for everyone, but it shows would COULD happen if things don't work out according to plan.
March 14, 2013
Found footage? Give me a f---ing break already!
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