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January 1, 2011
Creepy cult kidnap bimbos who end up as lunch for a demon-like creature. Shot-on-video gem with bad acting, impressive special effects and Gene LeBrock who's claim to fame was starring in Metamorphosis (1990).
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March 12, 2009
This movie came from a 10 Movie Collection called Curse of Death which I paid $6.98 from Brentwood / BCI. So I knew going into this that it couldn't be to good, and the came the opening title Night of the Beast, I said wait a minute its supposed to be Lukas' Child, which it was as this film has 2 names so why not list it on the box as Night of the Beast. Anyway its not a bad film, I am sure the director had to get into this film a high number of beautiful babes which he must have owe favors for. There is not a old bag in this movie, oh and he snuck a couple of lids in there two. And Detective Anderson is sleeping with everybody, 2 different ladies in one night, you go Dick I mean Detective. There is lots of Nudity so you might want to keep this one away from Junior and the husband. The beast was mighty ugly and for that have to give him 3 stars, so it turned out better the I expected. A laugh or two is included. Rent it if you can find it or pick it up in a multi pack collection.
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