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½ December 20, 2016
this is without a doubt one of the best parodies ever made, if you gave it a bad rating you either just don't get it or you can't see the humor, this probably in my top 5 favorite comedies of all time, it's hilarious and i haven't met anyone with a good sense of humor that didn't thoroughly enjoy it.
November 30, 2016
Hilarious movie. Very under rated.
November 15, 2016
MacGruber has its moments but it tries way to hard to be funny and tries to take a 10 minute sketch and make it into a full length film.
½ October 31, 2016
Terrible 'comedy'. I did not laugh at all.
½ August 31, 2016
MacGruber is the hysterical big-screen adaptation of the SNL character, played brilliantly by funny-man, Will Forte which is a play on the super-spy, MacGyver with the difference being that MacGruber is an idiot and his inventions make no sense! The story follows MacGruber getting a team together to battle his arch nemesis, Dieter Von Cunth...(the joke writes itself), played perfectly by Val Kilmer who's clearly having a blast being a part of the madness. The film also stars Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe as MacGruber's back-up team after something tragic, but hilarious, happens to the last team, and they bring a great dynamic to the proceedings. This is the directorial debut of SNL alum and Lonely Island member, Jorma Taccone, who also co-wrote the film, and his sense of comic timing and no-holds-barred, R-rated approach help elevate the material drastically. MacGruber is just plain FUNNY and for every joke that doesn't land, there's 3 or 4 more sight gags that really do, even if they are extremely immature. This is one of the best SNL-adapted films to date, in the same company as Wayne's World, A Night at the Roxbury, and The Blues Brothers and if you don't laugh at the cemetery sex scene...we can't be friends.
July 25, 2016
As offensive and crude as MacGruber is, it's a hilarious and entertaining action comedy that benefits from Will Forte's solidly inept and goofy performance.
½ July 19, 2016
I saw this at a party, which is probably the only way this was enjoyable.
July 15, 2016
Hilarious, raunchy and one of the better SNL movies
½ July 2, 2016
The s****est movie I will ever see. And that is saying something considering I've seen human centipede
April 7, 2016
Don't be fooled. This movie sucks more than you think it does.
March 20, 2016
Surprisingly funny film. What is also a surprise is that Will Forte did not forge a career as a pretty funny film actor after this, at least I've not seen him in any other main comedy roles.
½ February 16, 2016
I'm a Will Forte fan, but this isn't his best work. While I counted 4 or 5 authentic laugh-out-loud moments, most of the movie was filled with over-the-top crass dialogue. Some of it felt so forced that I wonder if the movie was made just because there had been a lot of these crude ideas that would've never been appropriate to air on SNL, and they needed an outlet to purge their most lewd ideas.
February 12, 2016
Better than it should have been...I laughed a bit, I tutted a bit, I rolled my eyes a bit.
January 23, 2016
hilarious! Will Forte delivers in the role he was born to play. crude, immature, and stupid comedy at its best. a must see!
January 22, 2016
I don't know who this crude would-be-comedy was made for, but it sure as hell wasn't me.
December 27, 2015
I am 37 years old now. I grew up watching McGyver on tv. So when i knew about this movie, i thought it would be a hit making a comedy based on the original series. I was Wrong. McGruber is not a funny character, he is completely anoying. Other than a few functional jokes that actually works, the movie has nothing to offer as a comedy film. At the begining you think: Ok McGruber is a douche but he actually knows what he is doing and his inventions work. As the film advances you just realize that he is just a douche, and there is nothing more there to see. Badly developed characters and story, makes this movie one you only accepted to watch on tv because there is nothing else to see or do at some point of a random day.
December 13, 2015
This is my idea of comedy. Absolutely ridiculous for 90minutes of good stupid comedy. I just love the stupidity and Macgruber's constant sex references and obvious closet gay stuff. "U can suck my dick, i'll suck your dick, i'll let you fuck me in my ass. You can watch me fuck something, i'll fuck anything you want, what do you want me to fuck?" lol lol
November 27, 2015
Macgruber isn't funny. It's just not humorous at all. I think the filmmakers got comedy confused with vulgarity. Shock humor is a lazy style of comedy in the first place, and it's even less effective when it's constantly thrown at you. The SNL skit this movie is based on wasn't that good in the first place, but this movie is even worse. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my time on it.
October 18, 2015
While not as good as the Wayne's World movies, MacGruber is still somewhat funny.
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