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March 6, 2017
This is one of the worst films I have not seen. The opening credits went forever ... so long I think I passed out.
January 22, 2017
This was a pretty awful movie, which wasn't really a surprise.
October 28, 2016
I love this movie I watch it every day I want to see more movies like this it's a party film and a weed smoker movie that's why I love it it's funny and the sound tracks are amazing I'm watching it rn ?????????? when wiz eats the brownie anyway it's good watch it it's not long stay high stay lifted peace
August 4, 2016
Mac And Devin Go To High School is basically what you should expect. It's extremely short, clocking at around 70 minutes, it's pretty crude, and there's a lot of drug content and use throughout the film as well. If it went on for longer, I probably wouldn't like it as much as I do.

Mac And Devin Go To High School centers around the life of Devin Overstreet, a normal high school student that's always busy with school work, and Mac Johnson, a high school student that's been in high school for 15 years, who is also, a drug dealer.

For those who didn't know, this film is straight to DVD, so the budget for the film is not that high (pun not intended). Therefore, the film turns out to be a mild dissaopintment that could have been worked on much harder. The film feels intensely rushed, hence why the film is only 70 minutes long. Obviously, it's not that great of a film, but it's at least decent for a straight to DVD stoner buddy comedy film.
½ June 7, 2016
2 1/2 out of 5 stars. This is no masterpiece that's for sure, but it did what it was supposed to more or less. It's humor is pretty juvenile and it's overall silly and badly acted and written. The only thing that saves it is a few funny moments and the music. I only watched it because I liked the accompanying album a lot. Without the music it loses a star.
January 20, 2016
Great! Loved this movie!
December 22, 2015
I could care less if It gives a "warning" about how the movie will suck without weed. If you need drugs in order to make a movie good then is not good.
February 27, 2015
I want to see it
February 18, 2015
Lazy, badly made and poorly acted. Avoid!
½ January 11, 2015
This movie is the worst movie i have ever seen. Smoke from Hips? Are u serious? I am giving this movie 2 stars because of the soundtrack of this movie. The whole movie is on smoking. Smoking, smoking, smoking and only Smoking. I never liked smoking. Snopp Dogg and Wiz Khalifa u both are good Artist but why this movie? I Wasn't expecting this from Wiz Khalifa and Snopp Dogg. Another bad point is A ghost of smoke. Come on man! The Worst Movie ever. I suggest the director and producer to stop making movies and enjoy the other movies. There are bad movies but this movie is the worst movie ever. the sound track is good. instead of this movie "8 Miles" is very good movie. Get rich or die trying is also good. this is my first review on this website. This movie is totally waste of time, energy, electricity.
January 3, 2015
First of all, I watched this without any use of paraphernalia of any kind, so it might have affected how my review turned out compared to the others.

With that out of the way, compared to my expectations, of which I almost had none, the plot was actually decent. Nothing to write home about, but still good overall. Considering this is a "stoner film", and acting is not a primary emphasis as a result, the characters were actually very believable and relatable. The film score, or soundtrack as I would more accurately describe it, was catchy and fit the pace of the film very well. Staging was also handled exceptionally.

My one major complaint is that this character, an animated talking blunt, was present far too often, sometimes at unnecessary moments. Those who were using while watching this film would already get what he'd say, and those who weren't would find him bothersome.

Overall, the film itself is nothing special as a standalone, but compared to other stoner films, it is impressive.
December 22, 2014
Mac and Dev was great; anyone who talked down about it probably took it too seriously. All I can say is that the film had a lot of positive messages if you knew where to look for them and if you didn't like it then it wasn't made for you. Every young minority man has to deal with the inner conflict of mac vs dre, and feelings like if you want to succeed, you have to be something you're not and foreswear the right to enjoy the present. This movie was positive to me because it sent a message that you can find that balance in spite of so many young people thinking you have to choose one or the other. So that's one man's perspective.
½ November 10, 2014
Just a stupid but fun stoner movie.
September 1, 2014
Overall very chill movie.
July 13, 2014
There was some humor but not much.
April 9, 2014
I need this movie !!!
½ March 19, 2014
Wow ... I actually watched the whole thing. ZeBoooZeBoooZeBooo!!!
½ March 15, 2014
I like Snoop as a artist but this was very painful to watch I'm just glad it was only 1 1/4 hours long
February 26, 2014
This movie is easily one of the most pointless, mind-numbing and profit-hungry endeavors in the history of filmmaking. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa stars in this film directed by Dylan C. Brown which I had heard absolutely nothing about until i watched it with a group of friends. It turned out to have a very thin and boring plot and to be filled with promotions and marketing for a Snoop and Wiz album. The story is about two high-school students, one honor student, Devin, played by Wiz Khalifa and one rotten apple, Mac, played by Snoop Dogg, who becomes unlikely friends and the honor student comes to the realization that he can learn more from the rotten apple than he thought.

There are so many problems with this film that it's hard to even know where to start. The fact that it's only 75 minutes long, but cuts away from the story on several occasions for music sequences or scenes where a talking blunt preaches facts and statistics about cannabis, should tell you the small amount of actual story or character development the film contains. The few moments of story and character development that the film have are all so predictable to anyone who have seen a few high school films that watching this becomes redundant. Taking an obvious pro-cannabis stance, but still depicting the heaviest smoker as an unmotivated slacker who's been in high-school for 15 years, is a very strange choice and makes me wonder if the creators ever gave this any thought or if they were just trying to find a convenient excuse for Snoop Dogg looking older than a High-school kid.

The acting from the majority of the cast is poor at best and sometimes even so horrible that it borders on groundbreaking. The only performance that I would categorize as decent is Snoop Dogg's, which isn't strange considering that he just uses the same speech patterns and mannerisms that he's been using in the music industry for years, whether that is an act and gimmick or Snoop Dogg's real personality I'm not sure. I don't think that "Mac and Devin Goes to High School" even qualifies as half a movie and the only reason to watch it would be to examine an exercise in complete cinematic failure. It's also the first movie that I've given 0% to so far.
½ February 22, 2014
One of the worst pieces of trash netflix has to offer.
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