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March 25, 2020
A bad copy of E.T. [Full Review in Spanish]
June 18, 2019
A film that warms your heart with rage, Mac and Me offers a constant stream of soulless corporate synergy. Like a 19th-century mountebank, the film peddles Coca-Cola as a life-saving elixir.
August 12, 2018
A movie that continues to live in infamy.
April 30, 2014
A blatant commercial for McDonald's and Coca-Cola disguised as an E.T. rip-off.
April 30, 2014
Director Stewart Raffill's film is otherwise an unashamed rip-off of Spielberg's classic.
May 14, 2013
It's an amazingly bald-faced copy of E. T. even though this is E. T. in a sticky wrapper, left under the heater two hours too long.
May 14, 2013
A mercenary display of product placement and a bad advertisment for filmmaking.
May 14, 2013
Possibly aware that they have something less than a classic on their hands, the makers of MAC and Me have cut their losses by making the film into a kind of cinematic billboard: all space is for sale.
May 14, 2013
Everything about MAC and Me -- not least the fact that it's fairly well-made and involving -- smacks of crass calculation. The filmmakers even have the gall, in the movie's parting shot, to announce a sequel.
May 14, 2013
Mac and Me simply is an uninspired, fast-food version of E.T., The Extraterrestrial.
May 14, 2013
Mac and Me is a 99-minute commercial occasionally interrupted by a not-so-good children`s movie.
July 20, 2012
So-bad-it's-good "E.T." rip-off; lots of product placement.
August 3, 2009
In addition to its lack of originality, Mac and Me is also blatantly commercial, selling everything from candy to soft drinks to fast-food restaurants.
Top Critic
June 24, 2006
Give the kids a break; take them to something else.
June 11, 2005
May 30, 2005
Watching it's made me a little stupider, buying it would have also dropped me a few social classes.
April 14, 2005
Then there's Mac himself, a puppet which couldn't possibly look more like a puppet (a bad, shoddy puppet at that).
October 19, 2004
E.T. rip-off and commercial placement-packed kid movie
August 30, 2004
If you made a film about a homesick extraterrestrial befriended by a little boy, would you dare to have the creature look like E. T.'s cousin?
November 13, 2003
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