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March 11, 2016
Rodriguez and Maniquis seem to think that trashy aesthetics and a couple of meta-jokes render them brilliantly astute and self-aware film-makers, but remain oblivious to the fact that labelling something an homage doesn't necessarily make it any good.
November 9, 2013
Though it starts off well, Machete becomes boring and slow towards the end as Trejo's shtick starts to feel a bit stale. Still, you'll definitely find some entertainment here.
May 23, 2012
The end result is a disastrous waste of time that is as tedious as it is misguided...
March 9, 2011
The lack of subtlety and discipline is what can make Machete a disreputable pleasure and less than a full success.
December 1, 2010
Un entretenimiento crudo, bsico, con personajes de una sola pieza, algunos dilogos increbles y generosas dosis de sangre y desmembramientos. Un homenaje de Robert Rodrguez al cine clase B que tanto le gusta.
November 29, 2010
Yet another missed opportunity from Rodriguez who relies on hammy performances from acting legends instead of adequately attempting to recreate the genre he claims to love.
November 29, 2010
Machete is a supremely violent exploitation movie that's nowhere near as enjoyable as its trailer.
November 29, 2010
All set up and no punchline.
November 29, 2010
Disappointing, frequently boring and weirdly humourless thriller that fails to deliver on the promise of the trailer...
November 28, 2010
May prove that the mock trailers are better left alone as mock trailers...
November 20, 2010
November 11, 2010
The selective charm of this badass brawn-fest might be lost on the non-action crowd after the initial novelty value subsides.
November 10, 2010
A dreadful effort, a loud and self-satisfied movie that is brazenly short-sighted.
November 10, 2010
There is excess galore and plenty of gore as well, there's tongue in cheek, a completely original use of entrails but somewhere towards the end it just became a bit too silly for me.
November 8, 2010
The exposition-heavy dialogue and barrage of one-liners all fall terribly flat and what should be a fun romp feels more like a cinematic chore
November 8, 2010
While it's well made and Danny Trejo is an amazing presence on screen, the sustained over-the-top violence becomes tiresome.
September 10, 2010
The trailer was better...
September 9, 2010
Alas, not even Lindsay Lohan -- doing a cartoonish riff on her tabloid persona (is this even possible?) -- can bring this rotten egg to a boil.
September 7, 2010
There's a lot of action but too much politics in this latest from Rodriguez
September 7, 2010
The movie is ham-handed, repetitive, and rhythm-less -- a mess that's uglier than its hero and nowhere near as likable.
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