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June 8, 2011
April 29, 2009
Very much in the tradition of Looney Tunes and Termite Terrace.
April 16, 2009
A foursome of digitally animated zoo animals escape the inner city confines of Manhattan's Central Park Zoo in search of freedom that's not be all it's cracked up to be in this well-defined children's comedy.
November 12, 2008
The character design is ugly; the main characters are often annoying; the humor is generally weak; and the computer-generated animation is often soulless.
November 8, 2008
A shallow attempt at filmmaking and humor.
October 7, 2008
September 22, 2008
...a pleasant picture, with excellent voice characterizations and charming graphics. (Blu-ray Edition)
September 22, 2008 engaging little diversion that maintains its charm with repeat viewing.
August 11, 2008
Amiably entertaining.
July 16, 2008
A group of animal friends escape from the Central Park Zoo.
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