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½ April 24, 2016
good bio-pic of sorts.
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October 26, 2012
A piano teacher and a prodigy's mother vie for the pupil's devotion.
In the canon of teacher films, this provides a new category, the pedagogy of self-abnegation. Madame Sausatzka has an unfortunate string of pupils who learn from her then leave her. During their instruction she uses the basic tough love methods that we've come to expect from films of this ilk, and like To Sir with Love, which is the ultimate tough-love educator film, she forms an emotional bond with her students. But when she's left, she feels emptier, like a jilted lover. The film doesn't condemn her teaching methods; in fact it celebrates them because she emerges as an educator-hero, one who has sacrificed for the greater good. I don't like the message, but I think it's interesting.
Shirley MacLaine gives a very good performance, an abrasive attitude mixed with an inner pain. Navin Chowdhry is also very good, giving one of the better performance I've seen from a child actor.
The film's plot unfolds slowly, and it isn't until late in the second act that its pedagogical philosophy becomes clear. I also had no idea what was going on with the house in which Sousatzka was entrenched; I got that it was condemned or something, but the specifics of the problem and its solution failed to be a compelling plotline. Also, the subplot between Manek and Jenny was poorly set up.
Overall, I didn't like a lot about how the film was structured, but its basic idea is quite interesting.
½ August 24, 2012
I guess I missed the part where I was supposed to care at all.
December 17, 2011
A must see for the musically obsessed. Shirley is a gem of an actress. The storyline was a perfection in itself. Wish I could give it 10 out of 5 stars
April 1, 2011
not really my kind of movie...but a very nice acting by miss maclaine
February 18, 2011
If you ever had a great piano teacher, you will see her
again in this movie. Anne Ellzey was such a teacher in Alabama.
September 25, 2010
Well made but just not my cup of herbal tea
½ April 4, 2010
Loved it! I mean, a little cheese, but for 1988!
½ January 23, 2010
Before Bend it Like Beckham there was Madame Sousatzka and I prefer this one much better. This is all about being a mother and resigning to see your beloved son fleeing 'away ("you're best creation" as it is said in the film). And it is all about Shirley MacLaine who is wonderfully alive as the old russian lady teaching the young bengali prodige, both immigrants in the 1980's London.
December 21, 2008
MacLaine's funny, clever and wondrous to behold, and she carries Madame Sousatzka to relative heights that might not readily seem warranted by the script, which is composed of elements that seem overly familiar.
November 26, 2008
Top favourite movie!
½ July 13, 2008
Let down by Navin Chowdhry, who can play the piano brilliantly but cannot act.
½ May 3, 2008
I love everything that Shirley did on the screen. The atmosphere is beautiful -- it's like the rainy afternoon that I watched movies in a dark, quiet rooom of my parents house. I miss those days. The music is wonderful, and the story is fascinating as well.
April 20, 2008
A story on the passion for music, and the hard work it takes to learn and teach one to play a musical instrument.
½ February 18, 2008
Very good story with great actors and music. One thing that kept me thinking is in the hell can a 15 yr old boy get with Twiggy? It's just soooo impossible!
November 20, 2007
I love this movie. Shirley is amazing in her role as a piano teacher. I think I was 12 years old when I saw this movie, myself was a learning guitar player and this movie captured me. Because of the classical music setlist they had.
May 8, 2006
Big surprise, I'm a sucker for a music movie. I enjoyed this. I love 80s movies. It's a good story, entertaining, and the acting is good. Plus, how often do you get to see Twiggy anymore?
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