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July 1, 2013
An anthology of short films about Cleveland by five different local directors and even more writers. As one might expect from such a project the results are uneven, and being a local makes it more enjoyable. Some of the acting is good, and some of the writing is very good. The most clever is about a couple in a library who never speak aloud and use the titles of books to communicate. The funniest was a couple of paramedics where the older was criticizing contemporary pop culture. The funniest line was when a couple of guys were were talking about Joe DiMaggio's record 56 game hitting streak which was stopped by the Indians. One said to the other, "Cleveland has a long history of crushing people's dreams." Very true, at least as far as sports are concerned.
June 21, 2013
GREAT movie! Very funny and touching. It's great to see an independent film succeed, especially knowing that this one was made up of Cleveland actors, directors, producers, and crew.
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