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One of the first animated features to be produced in the former Soviet Union. A little boy catches a magical horse who barters for his freedom.
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Russia's first animated feature has, unfortunately, only been available in the U.S. in several badly dubbed versions.

July 29, 2005
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It's hard to know where to start when describing this... interesting tale. It's bad enough the box, as badly done as it may be, is terribly misleading, and only vaugely resembles the actual story. The word I describe with this movie is: [i]Pain[/i]. The main character appears to be throughly gay, and appears to be in a relationship with his magical pony, who is maniler then he is. The boy is forced to serve a maniacle, selfish, and preverted old King, who resembles a pedofile, and places misguided trust in his shady, disturbing soothsayer, who sadly is the most normal person in the entire film. The story itself leaves much to be desired, as gaping plot holes abound. The only women in the film (as far as I could tell), was the maiden the boy lured with food then viciously kidnapped. However, after a time lapse, she is shown to be happy and joyous upon being taken to the crazed, old King, who insisted he was in 'peak physical form' enough for her. She waved him away, as he 'could not handle her "magic". Then, towards the end, the boy is forced to partake in strange and dangerous tasks in order to recieve the princess. He must dive into three pots- one of boiling water, one of boiling milk, and frozen water. The king sat at the maiden's side, and commanded, "Take off your clothes and do me a favor." The boy bowed, taking off his coat, and prepared to dive into the pots. To save the day, his magical pony lover appeared, cheating the entire process and enchanting the pots. The boy jumped in, flying from the first pot to the second, before finally diving into the last. Lo and behold, he came out a man, grown and ready to marry! He then went with the maiden, as the King tried to compete, only to die in the first pot. He then went on to marry the maiden, with his pony mistress following them. Bad dubbing or no, I really can't describe my reaction to this... [i]interesting[/i] bit of animation. It doesn't help that the main character has cheeks that put Snow White to shame.

Tiger Shinigami
Tiger Shinigami

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