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March 17, 2017
It was disappointing. Story was slow and it wasn't at all funny. I guess I'm glad I saw the movie, because now I know for sure I don't want to go to a male strip club.
½ March 4, 2017
All the pretty bodies (and that doesn't include McC's which wasn't), could NOT make up for McC's put on accent, stilted conversation and no plot. Didn't make it past the first newbies first night as the gopher.
I like looking at Tatum, but he should stick to GI Joe, where's he's actually pretty good.
McC needs to stick to Lincoln commercials.
Iglesias to comedy.
½ February 24, 2017
Much more than just a chick flick with a lot of abs (or the campy trailer).

That doesn't mean the abs are any less than FANTASTIC though. I give an extra full star just for that part alone. Eye candies like this doesn't come often enough for us lady viewers.
February 22, 2017
I never thought that a movie that had Channing Tatum as the main character could be so bad. But Magic Mike changed that thought. Magic Mike is a comedy/drama film that was written in 2012 and directed by Steven Soderbergh. Don't get me wrong, myself plus a lot of women would like to see Channing Tatum shirtless but overall it was a poor movie all around.
This film is about a so-called entrepreneur, Mike, who makes a living by stripping. He has a day job, roofing houses, but he isn't making as much money as he would like to so he strips. Mike genuinely does want to change his life around but cannot seem to leave behind his stripping days and doesn't want to live without that security blanket of money. Throughout the movie, Mike mentors a young 19-year-old, Adam, and eventually has a fling with Adam's overprotective sister, Brooke.
Soderbergh decided that he couldn't have a movie just made up of stripping so he decided to squeeze a love story in-between all the erotic dancing. The viewers then saw the movie as a "romance" and totally disregarded the pointlessness of this movie. This so-called love affair didn't make the movie better but just added an unbelievable love story and made it more of a mess than it already is. The movie has no main plot and everything is all over the place.
The movie plain and simple was just the newest film that emphasized stripping and drew in women as the audience through the sex appeal of the movie. Some critics say that this movie was supposed to reflect upon Channing Tatum's life before he got to be the actor that he is now but the movie was still irrelevant and there are better ways to reflect on someone's life other than an exotic film.
Another problem that I must address is it is hard to believe that Mike is conservative with his money. The audience is supposed to have the impression that Mike is wealthy and doesn't like to spend money the director puts things in the movie that contradict that. He has Mike driving a brand-new truck and living in this fancy apartment. Mike is seen as the one who likes to party in the movie and is always buying drinks for everyone and spending his money. This doesn't emphasize that he is conservative with his money but shows that he is reckless with it.
One more criticism I would have to give this film would be that the actors and actresses have no emotions into the characters they are playing. You cannot feel the character's feelings and emotions that you should. Brooke is played by Cody Horn and she would have to be the worst one in the film. She doesn't seem to care about anything throughout the movie and she seems confused about everything. Her character as no body and has no passion.
The plot confusion, irrelevance, and poor acting were three main elements that contributed to making this film one of the worst ones out there. Definitely not a valid movie that was worth the time to see and was quite a disappointment.
February 13, 2017
I can't believe this movie had a remake. The characters were shallow, vacuous and uninteresting. There is almost no plot. I think some executive head said, "Hey, let's make a male version of Flash Dance," and everyone just nodded.
February 9, 2017
McConaughy is really the best reason to watch this movie, he is at his prime douchie-ness that is pretty hilarious. After that there isn't much else, the conflict seems forced and comes outta nowhere when it didn't really need the extra drama crow barred in.
½ February 4, 2017
I thought it would be mindless... It wasn't. Tatum does a great job
January 26, 2017
Mike (Channing Tatum) es un stripper de casi 30 años que quiere triunfar en la vida. Tiene su vida repartida entre una serie de negocios,pero él quiere dedicarse a desarrollar toda su creatividad en diseños de muebles, algo que hasta ahora le había sido negado. Kid es un muchacho joven y desorientado al que Mike (Alex Pettyfer) empieza a apoyar para que salga adelante. Kid tiene en Mike la figura de un hermano mayor Entre ambos se genera un vínculo de amistad muy fuerte, que incluso acercará a MIke a la hermana de Kid. Mike enseñará a Kid a pasarlo bien en la noche, mujeres, fiesta y ganar dinero. Divertida, hasta ahí
December 31, 2016
It's good movie to watch
December 26, 2016
Sexy, Funny, And Fantasticly Performed, Magic Mike Is A Brillant Showcase Of Matter Over Meat, Which There's A Lot Of As Well.
November 20, 2016
I heard so many times over the last four years that this movie was underrated that it was probably overrated by the time I saw it. Much better than I would have expected when it came out and perfectly enjoyable, but nothing amazing.

Grade: B
November 19, 2016
Strong 4/5. This thing was a blast. Plenty of fun while being simultaneously unsettling, intense and even a little heartfelt. There's a lot thrown into the mix and not everything feels completely resolved at the end but Magic Mike stunned me with its style and surprising narrative heft. I guess now I'll have to see how the sequel compares.
October 30, 2016
The plot is questionable, but as soon as the guys are dancing there's movie magic.
½ October 11, 2016
Es mejor de lo que creí, me gustó mucho que se enfocaron mucho en los personajes, más que en los shows, Channing Tatum hace un bien papel y entendible y que llega al público, la historia es más profunda de lo que parece.
½ August 29, 2016
Good like Guys and Story
August 29, 2016
So much hype. I wasn't impressed. At. All.
½ August 20, 2016
An American version of the Full Monty which may or may not be an attempt at comedy; I'm not quite sure, I don't remember it being funny at all but I have a feeling it was supposed to be in places. It was actually a very boring film obviously made by and for actors who needed an opportunity to show off their six packs.
½ August 18, 2016
It's not a movie about male stripping; it's a movie about people. It's far smarter and richer than many give it credit for.
½ August 15, 2016
Will you welcome to the stage, the one, the only... Magic Mike!
½ July 16, 2016
Aside from the obvious reasons, there's very little of value here. Where it's at it's most interesting is when shining a light on the seedy/addictive side of the industry - eg. The Wrestler for male strippers.
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