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½ April 24, 2011
Who approved of this garbage again?
April 12, 2011
After watching the NC's reviews of this, I can see why it was so hated by him.

What a joke this movie was!

They couldn't get the story right of Columbus if their life depended on it.
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½ October 22, 2010
Odd, mostly because it's been dubbed over in English. The dialogue is strange and awkward as the animation. The main character is unlikable, and the secondary character the cute little book termite is much more interesting. On the whole, the movie is not worth watching.
October 6, 2010
"The Magic Voyage" is a movie that was dubbed by some very well-known people in my country, and that is why it was also widely advertised back in the time. I am sure that every person living in the Netherlands who was born around the 90s knows about this movie. And that says alot when judging its true quality.

Even so, it's hard for me to say this movie is a failure. Our voice actors did a great job and the movie was filled with silly, but hilarious little remarks which always made it incredibly fun for me to watch.
The songs were also great. They had a very nice melody.

Of course alot of people will fall over the odd script, the way Columbus was portrayed, and the fact the characters often talk without their mouths moving. But to be honest, I believe that was the style the creators were going for.
If people like anime, then why have a problem with this flaw? Because they don't have huge, colourful eyes and say "DESU!1!" or "NYA!?!" every 5 seconds?

When looking at the animation itself you can say it's either decent or just "good enough", but I don't think "terrible" is really the way to describe it, since there are enough scenes to prove you wrong.
The character designs are something you can twist about; I thought they were good, but I always questioned the main character's design, Pico, who is supposed to be a bookworm, but doesn't look like anything familiar at all.

The plot is overall nice. While people complain, I don't think the creators were going for a "realistic" story here. This movie is obviously for children and that is why I think reviews that go like "I loved this movie when I was little but now it's totally gay" are meaningless. But they are also proving my point.
Even so, if you love cheesy humor this is the movie for you, whatever your age is.
½ May 29, 2010
i like this movie kinda cheesy, and funny i really like it alot although the whole peoplein this movie is crazy funny and sweet.
½ May 14, 2010
A very poor excuse for a movie. Unintelligable dialogue, poor animation, insipid script. The story is so disjointed as to become unwatchable.
½ May 13, 2010
Great at first when viewed as a kid. Except once you get older, you start to see things you didn't pay attention to from before. Like the ok job on the voice dubbing and the fact they completely got rid of the short rat without any explaination to where he went.
January 29, 2010
Why? WHYYYY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!? THIS FILM IS AN ABOMINATION TO COLUMBUS! this film has pretty bad things like: bad animation, a stupid plot, stereotypes and annoying characters. and you know what? im not the only one who has seen this film as a kid! when i was 6, i was like: THIS FILM IS AWFUL! the film makers didnt even do research about columbus. and the character pico, is annoying. but hes not the only one. we also have a sl***y deformed fairy, marilyn. i hate her. she looks like a mix between Celes and Tinkerbell. and by the way, dom deluis is in this film! You know, he did the voice for the main character in A troll In Central Park. And The Villain is just plain stupid. an army of bees. the ending song wasnt that bad. this movie has haunted my childhood. bottomline: this film is AWFUL! DO NOT DARE TO WATCH IT!
½ December 12, 2009
Tried to watch this garbage as a kid. This would have been the worst animated movie I've ever seen, if I hadn't stopped it halfway through. It's dumber than hell, looks awful, and promotes adultery to kids.
½ March 21, 2009
i own the dubbed the version on VHS and remember not liking this as a kid. i watched it a while ago and i remember why i didn't like it. IT'S A PIECE OF SHIT! the animation is bad, the dubbing seems like 4Kids went back in time to fuck this up, and and it's boring as hell. to make matters worse, it doesn't really follow Christopher Columbus. it follows Corey Feldman (the woodworm) for the most part and it can't keep the plot constant with him. one moment he's becoming pelican food, next he's helping Columbus, then he's trying to shag a fairy and defeat a swarm of talking bees to get in her pants, then he's fucking around with some rats and a beaver who is located in Mexico. that's another thing; Chris doesn't discover America, he discovers Mexico. and that's just a brief overview of the film. AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS!
January 1, 2009
skinny Delouise as Kris Columbus....not as enchanting as Fievil go's west....Cory sings a nice Duet.
November 5, 2008
Ahhhhh, "The Magic Voyage".........there are plenty of questions aroused when viewed, the most prominent being WHY? Why is the animation horrible? Why do the songs make you want to rip out your eardrums, stew them in arsonic, and promptly eat it? But most importantly, Why is this movie?
The Plot: A woodworm and a loopy Christopher Colombus, who, by the way, is voiced by that Dom Deluise guy, a top notch voice actor, attempt to finance a journey to find a new route to Asia over water. As Colombus makes the arrangements, the woodworm, a cheeky little fella with clothes and a carrot for a nose, meets Marylin, a fairy princess who was taken away from her home by a swarm of bugs that wants to eat her light or something. When the woodworm attempts to bust her out, the swarm fag comes and takes her away, West across the Ocean. The next day, Colombus and the worm set sail for Asia, in search of fortunes and the worm's fairy girlfriend. When they arrive at the new world, they find a huge aztec pyramid thing filled with a giant honeycomb for some reason and the lair of the swarm fag, who's violently holding the fairy thing hostage. When all ends, the swarm gets squished, Colombus gets his gold, and the worm gets a fairy, and the whole time you are sitting on the couch asking this time "what?", as in "what the fu**?"
Along with crappy animation, which doesn't make sense, seeing how guys from Roger Rabbit, We're Back, and other top notch childrens' films, were assigned to the task, the songs make you want to just throw up in some tin foil and eat it. Not to mention the horrible voice to animation coordination. Some times the character doesn't even move his mouth, yet words are coming out.
It was a film I remember watching a lot when I was a kid, and I remembered it as one of the best films I'd ever seen. So this, and the fact that, for some strange reason, I remembered the fairy girl being hot, quickly prompted me to pull it off the shelf and pop it in the old vcr. Boy what a mistake. Two things were clear afterwards: I had no sense of what a good film was back then, and there were no hot faries.
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