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½ February 12, 2016
Not much in terms of a simple biographical plot, but it was still intriguing to see a story about a Supreme Court justice.
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½ February 7, 2014
Very enjoyable bio-pic with a light touch to the material a great help from making it seem like a history lesson. Louis Calhern is simply great in the title role. He and Ann Harding have a wonderful easy camaraderie as Holmes and his wife making it believable that they are a long time married couple.
½ December 15, 2013
Delightful but uninteresting.
August 10, 2010
Fairly dull. While I realise that Oliver Wendell Holmes jr was a great and influencial man, and the movie linearly and faithfully recounts his Supreme Court days, the movie doesn't really capture what made him great. In addition the oldy-worldy gentileness and pleasantries cause this movie to not age well, and make it fairly boring.
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