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March 12, 2013
Very nice movie depicting the insecurities of a short-heighted man. Nicely potrayed by Rajpal Yadav. Great Actor.
May 21, 2011
Nothing like a sweet Hindi film with talented actors, small town realities and cheesy fun moments. I greatly enjoyed this film, even though most movie reviews by Indian film critics were pessimistic about it. Thankfully Bollywood is so extensive that there are always movies for the thinking crowds, and it's just a matter of identifying those films. I guess I should go opposite of smashhits, bollywoodhungama and those popular portals. I greatly recommend it.
½ August 24, 2010
A very good bollywood movie to watch. Simple, funny and good acting. A perfect entertainer.
½ March 31, 2010
an awsumly sweet love stry...:)
November 3, 2009
bhalo cinema....dekhechhis?
August 11, 2009
enjoyed it. rajpal yadav did a good job.
Super Reviewer
February 8, 2009
Interesting movie that follows the life of Mithilesh Shukla who is in his thirties, short, and happily unmarried. His mother requests that he settle into a married life. She demands that he sees one potential young woman in another town, and unwillingly he travels with his uncle to handle this abrupt matter. It is there that he meets, and falls in love with Veena (a tall, and absolutely beautiful, thirty year old woman). They agree to marry, and after they settle in their home together. Mithilesh begins to harbor jealousy, and it quickly consumes him. He begins to heavily doubt and suspect his wife at every turn. Rajpal Yadav and Rituparna Sengupta stars. Worth seeing.
December 24, 2008
funny, shows how jealousy can ruin marriage. good if ur not expecting anything amazing. surprised me!
August 16, 2008
such a cute movie, brilliant. i loved it.
June 23, 2008
A very nice and simple movie. Must see for any Rajpal Yadav fan
June 11, 2008
elegantly told with its simplicity and not overwrought. One of the best bollywood movies I've ever seen.
½ June 9, 2008
Cute romance but a bit slow for kids.
May 29, 2008
One of the Cutest Romantic Moies.. to come frm Bollywood!

simply Loed.... Rituporrna.. Yashpal to JOSss e!!!
also.. One song........ "Guncha koi.." Wah Wah all my Faourite stars blending.. in
February 25, 2008
A great plotline and great acting. Hard to find movies like this in the Indian film industry...
February 10, 2008
Excellent screenplay, and very well characterised people. A real "feel good" movie..
February 8, 2008
i want to see this movie due to rajpal yadav, he's a great comedian
December 25, 2007
This is a great movie.. No big names n the movie.. but the performance is superb.. 5 star
December 2, 2007
A really sweet film with no big stars yet a compelling watch. Rajpal Yadav proves his brilliance in an industry that gives credit to stars not actors. Sengupta has been captured just perfectly and looks gorgeous.
½ November 24, 2007
dialogues written by pankaj so proud of him ...
½ November 6, 2007
a film which is easy to relate to, with believabe characters. flawless handling of situations, and the emotions in those situation. not as flashy as bollywood masalas, this movie is a decent watch for decent people.
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