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November 30, 2013
for the most part the brit film is fun and funny
August 10, 2013
Saw this with my father, in a theater in Manhasset's "Miracle Mile", in 1960. Decided on the spot that I loved British Comedy better than American Comedy and have never looked back. Hattie Jacques (better known for some Carry On films) was beyond hysterical. Billie Whitelaw was trying her hand at a mainstream film after a distinguished career collaborating with Samuel Beckett and was just wonderful in a straight role. One of the great unsung British Comedies of all time.
November 11, 2012
A Terry-Thomas classic. At Netflix.
½ March 21, 2012
delightful British black comedy
½ August 17, 2011
BRILLIANT cast: Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams, Terry-Thomas, and MANY more.
June 27, 2009
Whimsical British comedy comedy of errors, misunderstandings and off-balance characters with a great cast (Terry Thomas, the wonderful Athene Seyler). One of the funniest moments is probably Terry-Thomas skulking out of the dockside shadows to The Third Man theme.
½ January 9, 2008
Some great scenes that allow the actors to shine - all are good, but Terry-Thomas and Hattie Jacques are great. A type of film that, sadly, doesn't get made any more.
November 26, 2007
A lovely Terry Thomas film telling the tale of how a group of misfits who live at the same boarding house become fur theives. There re some wonderful and hilarious sequences. Enjoy a classic bit of British 1950's comedy.
½ September 6, 2007
Adorable classical comedy.
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