Make Your Move Reviews

August 31, 2018
Its lack of sparks on the dance floor are matched by the sense of alienation when the dancing stops.
August 14, 2018
The type of film that could very well turn into a guilty pleasure or could have gotten a lot of ratings had it aired as a TV movie, but doesn't have the chops to keep its hold on audiences on the big screen.
April 23, 2014
Star-crossed dance romance doesn't have the best moves.
April 21, 2014
[...] The irresistibly dopey Make Your Move drops the spectacle endemic to most dance films in favor of a forward-thinking sweetness. [...] What the film lacks in authenticity, however, it makes up for in good intentions and simple pleasures.
April 20, 2014
A slick, disposable soap opera about a poor white boy and a spirited Korean girl who fall in love despite hailing from rival corners of Brooklyn's club scene.
April 18, 2014
The average person's enjoyment of this dance flick can best be gauged by starting at the feet and progressing upward, with the brain coming in last.
April 17, 2014
Whenever actor Derek Hough and BoA stop leaping and twirling ... "Make Your Move" is an underwritten mess.
April 17, 2014
Scenes from the competing clubs include impressive choreography and gravity-defying moves. If only the poorly delivered, trite dialogue and predictable plot aimed as high.
April 17, 2014
A fantasy with dance and PG-13 sensuality, making it easily digestible, but its familiarity is deflating, making the movie feel about as impulsive and energetic as a dance step diagram.
April 17, 2014
An entirely generic drama in which two characters actually say to one another, "What if this doesn't work?" "It has to."