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November 19, 2017
Dated today but revolutionary for its time.
December 15, 2016
Has a sense of emotion or compassion for every lifestyle or personal direction conveyed.
February 13, 2015
As a friend noted when it was first released "If the point of that thing is to show that we are just as boring as straight people then they succeeded". Hiller has never been a particularly interesting filmmaker, and the leads are TV drama dull, though pretty. After it flopped, and AIDS devastated the gay population of this country, there would not be another major gay film for years. Very disappointing.
½ March 14, 2014
Groundbreaking movie for its time !
August 5, 2013
Beautiful love story about a married couple whose marriage is jeapordised when the husband discovers that he is attracted to other men. Michael Ontkean, Harry Hamlin and Kate Jackson all turn in excellent performances. The ending will leave you in tears.
March 6, 2013
Kate Jackson was awesome in this movie. The story is quite powerful regarding a love triangle that ended somewhat happy. Great job by Harry Hamlin and Michael Ontkean too! These handsome men took a big chance starring in this movie back in the early 80s.
June 7, 2011
not big on movies dealing with homosexuality among men..but this one touched me, surprizingly!!!!:)
March 21, 2011
Making Love (1982) -- [6.0] -- It's mawkish, awkward, and in need of a subtlety injection, but I like "Making Love" anyway. As one of the earliest big studio mainstream films to feature openly gay characters who are neither serial killers nor flaming queens, I have to give the flick some cred. Plus, we get to see Harry Hamlin (LA Law, Clash of the Titans) get it on with Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Truman from Twin Peaks). Charlie's Angel Kate Jackson completes the love triangle and has a few nice moments in the film to herself. I dig the way Jackson and Hamlin's characters talk directly to the camera between vignettes. Leonard Rosenman's simple piano-driven score is also a nice touch.
November 14, 2010
I'm sure it was extremely daring and important in its day, but it's so Lifetime Movie Network now. Not necessarily in a bad way. Also, 1982-era Ontkean is foxy.
August 7, 2010
An important film in its frank depiction of homosexuality for its time, Making Love unfortunately lays claim to no other worthy distinction. Which is not meant to be a glib statement. Making Love holds the honor of being one of the first mainstream Hollywood films out there that doesn't villify, victimize, or marginalize gay characters but instead puts him in the center of the film, replete with a tastefully done gay sex scene. The film is groundbreakingly explicit in its depiction of gay sex even if it remains as coy as Zack is in naming his 'condition'. Still, no mean feat for a film made in 1981.

So it is doubly ironic that director Arthur Hiller has presented an almost utopic world populated by attractive, entirely pleasant characters who don't seem to exist in the same world as the rest of us. So important it is to Hiller that our characters remain sympathetic and likable that the film happily skims through what must be the most traumatic discovery any man or woman could fathom in a relationship. Michael Ontkean's Zach is perfectly generic, and perfectly likeable - a doctor in a beautiful large home and a beautiful wife. What could possibly be wrong? Enter Bart (played by Harry Hamlin) who is happily single and happily promiscuous - a foil to our very monogamous and suddenly very self assured lead. Kate Jackson plays Claire with heartbreaking naivete, and speaks her painfully trite lines with such ease and whimsy one even forgets that the film was made right at the brink of the AIDS epidemic when homophobia was rife, and still largely taboo. You wouldn't think it seeing this picture. Against the backdrop of when this film was produced, you wouldn't be far off if you thought this film was more science fiction than drama.

The film's strength, in bringing positive images of homosexuality onto the mainstream cinema screens, is ironically also its weakness as it sets its characters up against cringeworthy dialogue, soap opera type melodrama, petty contrivances and a drippy score by Leonard Rosenman played ad nauseam. Coupled with incongruently glib performances, and a painfully trite story-telling device of propping characters in direct address against a sentient netherworld narrating personal reflections, Making Love plucks this gritty subject matter out of the streets of reality and plops them in the world of fantasy. This power to imagine a utopic world sans judgment would be commendable if it didn't also shy away from the depths of its interpersonal relationships. Indeed throughout the film, Claire never once displays any curiosity about who Zach had been seeing. As it turns out, the film goes through a similar trajectory as Zach - it is similarly plagued by an intellectual dishonesty.
½ June 2, 2010
Highly controversial when it came out, but somewhat giggle inducing today, both intentional and unintentional, Making Love is all about the perfect couple, Claire and Zack, Perfect jobs, perfect house, perfect lives UNTIL... Zack has an affair... WITH ANOTHER GUY OMFGWTHBBQ. This is the first "Serious" movie about this topic, and although there's some definite problems with the script (The fact that Zack may be bisexual? and Zack's love interest, Bart seems nothing but a total whore) big points for trying. And it also gets unintentional early 80's hilarity of seeing stuff like betamaxes, big screen tvs (with you know, the projector in the middle of the room) and of course, the classic arguements about stripes in the toothpaste. Why can't it JUST BE WHITE?? Classic.
May 3, 2010

Here in America, NPR (NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO) LOVES GAY PEOPLE and LOVES GAY-rights and GAY films and GAY Literature.

MAKING LOVE is a pro-"gay movie" about a married doctor who feels repressed attraction for men and eventually starts going-out with one of his patients who eventually seduces the doctor into "going" all-out gay.

MAKING LOVE is totally CRAZY but it is one of the first feature A-List films to be "pro-gay" where The Guy even ends-up "running-off" with a Gay Lover without "being punished" (some movies usually seem "pro-gay" up to a point but then the gay man is eventually brought to ruin).

Probably one of the best cinematic shots I've ever seen is the last camera angle in MAKING LOVE: the ex-wife and the gay-guy are saying their good-byes and as they finish the camera pulls back to show the gay-guy driving off into the distance to the right of the frame and the ex-wife walking up her driveway and into her home and her new family to the left of the frame . . . CINEMATOGRAPHICALLY speaking that shot says it all:
The ex-wife and the gay-guy's story together is complete (in the end; the ex-wife returns home and the gay-guy heads over the event-horizon [to New York City] never to be seen again).

Based on THAT (aforementioned) SHOT (described above) alone, MAKING LOVE is a 100% .

Speaking of NPR (National Public Radio), "they" featured a female-rap artist on one of their programs and said "they" couldn't remember when the was another female rap artist. NPR always claims its so very intelligent and knowledgeable of all subjects but when it comes to DIVERSE people and DIVERSE music-forms and politics NPR (National Public Radio) continually reveals that is full of crap.

NPR says "no" previous female rap artists (actually that it "can't remember) female rap artists:
What about QUEEN LATIFA,
And others . . .

NPR totally discounts anything and everything non-white here in America yet it calls itself National Public Radio even when NPR doesn't equally or fairly represent the true "diverse-ness" of our beloved United States of America.

Just because, for 20 or so years "white America" abdicated the vitality of RAP MUSIC doesn't mean rap music should still continue to be dis counted but the likes of NPR (National Public Radio) where 84% of its listeners (in 2006) are white people belonging to country clubs of some kind.

NPR is BULLSHIT!!!!! But MAKING LOVE is a total "NPR-FILM" for sure.

And I guess I must like NPR because I sure know a lot about it and keep talking endlessly about how full of crap NPR is.
April 14, 2010
This film is it!! This film has helps me off
of my personal feelings. I have this
filmdrama seen in the cinema on June 16,
1982. This film has help that I did
coming-out. I could buy this film in 2009.
Between 1982 to 2009 I have searched
to this coming-out filmdrama all around in
Europe. Everytime I became the answer:
"NO". Internet is something wonderful,
it has also help to look in Amazon's shop.
And "YES", there was "MY" film on DVD.
When I could rate with 10 stars, I did it!!
April 3, 2010
A gay movie which in the current events of the time shows that the LGBT community has come a long way.
½ September 14, 2009
**1/2 (out of four)

The idea for this film was very groundbreaking in 1982. Too bad the result isn't nearly so bold as its setup.

Kate Jackson is a woman who learns that her husband has been unfaithful to her with another man.

Good performances from Jackson, Michael Ontkean, and Harry Hamblin, but they get lost. A real, though-provoking drama could have been made here, but director Arthur Hiller chickens out and delivers a whitewashed melodrama.
½ August 16, 2009
i love this movie, it just satisfies my curiosity as regards m2m relationship discreetly....this i guess is an eye opening to everyone....this is happening in real life.....very sentimental especially the background really sent me shivers through my i looking through a mirror...seems to be hounding in my mind....
August 10, 2009
These movie did help me with my coming-out in June 1982.
½ April 5, 2009
the first same sex movie and what a bore, no wonder it took 20 more years for gays to come out of the cinema closet
Super Reviewer
½ February 19, 2009
Dated but well intentioned and at the time ground breaking drama. The male leads are good but best of all is Kate Jackson, its a shame she didn't make it in features. Wendy Hiller offers a lovely performance in a small role.
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