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May 20, 2003
Adds up to somewhat less than the sum of its parts, but the parts are often delightful, particularly when Ms. Seidelman keeps them moving at a sufficiently furious pace.
January 1, 2000
A smart, quick witted, wicked and genuinely funny movie.
January 1, 2000
Screenwriters Floyd Byars and Laurie Frank's flapjack-flat characters meander through a slack plot that aims to address love between life-forms.
December 26, 2006
The film's fake feminist message is at its most cyncial: Real men are repulsive but androids (created by women) are sweet, sensitive, and open-minded.
November 4, 2005
June 4, 2004
March 9, 2004
One of the more enjoyable of the indie comedies of the 80s, as much a product of its time as Woodstock was of its own.
January 26, 2004
Just like any other saturated formula, its joke wears thin after the first hour or so.
December 18, 2002
August 30, 2002
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