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August 13, 2015
The acting is terrible, but the story is fun and goes in a direction you hardly expect for a college movie. There's a lot of cult value to it.
July 2, 2014
Enjoyable despite the rampant misogyny. Girl gets bad grades, does drugs, dresses slutty, becomes a prostitute and final a hit woman. Perfect exploitation fair.
April 24, 2013
This movie is so campy, poorly acted and just plain bad that it is amazing. This is a film that truly needs to be remade.
Super Reviewer
February 11, 2013
LAst film of 8 from the Drive in Cult Classic Vol 1 from BCI, It's no wonder that the Drive-ins were drug, booze and party havens in the '70s with this type of fare being shown! Even with all of it's flaws, there is something I like about this movie. The plot alone was what made me want to watch this hooter flick in the first place. High School flunky, turned Hooker, turned Hitgirl! When Kim gets bad grades, she seduces her Teachers and it escalates from there to becoming a full blown hooker. Not on the street mind you, but in the back of a van! What more of a classic Drive-in masterpiece could this be? The acting is awful and stiff. Speaking of stiff, the sex scenes are almost, if not worse than the acting! The camera work looks more like a home movie than a theatrical presentation. The fashions in this movie look more like mid '70s than 1979 fashion. What really cracks me up is when Kim (Jill Lansing) decides to become a hooker and shows up to school in a halter top and mini skirt! Where did she get that mini skirt from? It looks like it was made of cardboard! Didn't anyone tell Kim that mini skirts were out of fashion by 1974? The other thing that makes me laugh about this movie is the music. It sounds like what you used to hear at the supermarket. That canned piped in music called "Muzak". It's not offensive, it just doesn't really suit the movie. At the same time though, it is what gives this movie it's charm. There are a couple of music selections I had heard before. One was the music that plays after Kim tells her Mom off. This music was used for the station identification on the comedy show SCTV, which ran in the early '80s here in Canada. The next selection was during the chase scene at the end. The music being used is the same music for the syndicated TV show "The People's Court" opening! The one thing that stands out in this movie is the 1971 Mustang convertible. It's the real star of the show! It is nice to see this version of Mustang caught on film forever without rust and holes all over it, which these cars were known for. If you like movies like "The Van", "The Pom Pom Girls", and "H.O.T.S.", you may find this movie disappointing. But if you are like me and can appreciate trash flicks like "The Lonely Lady" and "The Seduction", then you will enjoy this made-for-drive-in classic! 1 Star 1-22-13
November 1, 2012
This was a crazy ass movie. No exploitation fan should miss this. Its crazy. The finale of the movie has an awesomely bad chase scene complete with the theme music from People's Court!

EDIT: I had to change my raiting, because I have yet to find a crazier exploitation flick. I measure all others against this one for being purely cracktastic and fun!
January 25, 2012

"I can't do it Lance, I maybe a hooker but I'm not a hit-girl."-Kim Bentley (Jill Lansive)

Lansive plays the lead role as a bitter (be the age of seventeen!) unlikable bitch, surrounded by sleazeball teachers and wannabe pimps. Horribly shot, bad acting, laughable diolog and lack of logic, all the makings of a true grindhouse picture. The music was the best part of the movie
July 28, 2010
Un délire qui s'assume pleinement ça fait plaisir, quand on regarde ce film on se frotte les yeux plusieurs fois en se demandant s'il existe vraiment tellement c'est pas possible ! Une sorte de grandeur et décadence comme dans les films de gangsters.....sauf que le bandit qui monte est ici une lycéene, Kim, qui, après avoir été largué et voit ses notes chuter, s'adonne à la prostitution pour se payer ce qu'elle veut, à la drogue et finalement devient une tueuse à gage pour son nouveau souteneur (après avoir buté son ancien) !!! Faut vraiment le voir pour le croire, l'héroïne est une vraie paumée, elle envoie chier sa mère à chaque fois et son père s'est suicidé presque sous ses yeux, ce qui débutait comme une chronique adolescente devient un jeu de pouvoir et comme dans tous les films du genre, le piège se retourne contre elle. C'est vraiment dommage qu'un personnage comme celui de Kim n'ai pas accédé à la postérité, elle jouée avec conviction et assurance par Jill Lansing qui n'a malheureusement pas joué autre chose et c'est dommage !!! Ce film c'est du tout en un, pas trop mal torché et avec des couilles, et encore une fois, faut le voir pour le croire !
June 19, 2010 bad... I watched this on 2x speed, and it was still too boring/too long/ too retarded to enjoy. The plot is unbelievable, poorly executed, and poorly realized, the acting is shitty beyond belief. But why am I wasting precious breath on this? JUST DON'T WATCH IT!
May 3, 2010
A malcontent, easily corruptible young woman decides that she wants to start getting good grades so she can graduate. Not wanting to study, she prostitutes herself out to her male teachers. When the principle notices that she has A's in her male-taught classes, but an F in her female-taught class, she kills him. Oh yeah, she also works her way up the prostitution ladder until her pimp turns her into a (quite successful) hitwoman. It's all very strange and would be appealing if the lead actress didn't have so much snotty attitude. There was only so much I could take.
January 11, 2010
quite terrible, but a great time capsule.
November 29, 2009
WOW. this has got to be one of the best sleazy sexploitation films i have ever seen.a high school hellcat turning tricks for good grades,hooking for cars and reefer,and more!..she becomes a hitgirl for her mobster pimp! all by age 18 !!!
grade *A* drive-in cult classic.
October 18, 2009
This was a crazy ass movie. No exploitation fan should miss this. Its crazy. The finale of the movie has an awesomely bad chase scene complete with the theme music from People's Court!

EDIT: I had to change my raiting, because I have yet to find a crazier exploitation flick. I measure all others against this one for being purely cracktastic and fun!
August 12, 2009
Excellent movie with underlaying humor!!!
½ May 8, 2009
I can't think of a film with a more deceptive ad campaign. When you look at the poster, you expect a goofy, teen sex comedy. It's actually a bleak, sleazy melodrama about a sociopathic high school girl with a taste for killing. Best line: "I might be a hooker ... but I ain't no hit girl!" Produced by Crown International, a much-beloved grindhouse outfit from the seventies.
December 24, 2008
An awful, awful movie, but Gawddamn if it isn't hilarious to watch as an average high school girl goes from trampy underachiever to full blown (pun intended) hooker, and then to a hit-woman (?) by the tim e the credits roll.

Ridiculously bad, but worth a look for a laugh.
½ November 26, 2008
"Our main character is a selfish bitch who decides to screw her teachers to boost her grades then becomes a hooker and eventually a hit-girl!"

"How do we make her sympathetic? How do we make the audience give a shit about what happens?"

"I don't know, let's just kill her in the end."

November 14, 2008
So bad, so stupid, so poor, I loved it! The Acting was some of the worst I have ever seen. Irvin Berwick had no clue what he was doing, and the "People's Court" theme at the end was funny. If you love crappy B-Movies, see it! If you like to keep your sanity, keep moving.
October 21, 2008
Plottet er jo nærmest totalt fraværende i denne, men den gjør forsåvidt opp for det i sleaze departementet.
Når det kommer til filmer som dette er trossalt ikke plottet det viktigste, men jeg hadde gjerne sett at dette skjedde litt mer. Det føles mer som at noen tidvis har trykket på en repeat knapp, og man tvinges til å se den samme scenen opp og opp igjen.
Når det er sagt klarer filmen absolutt å underholde meg. Vår lykkelige prostituerte hovedkarakter blir kanskje litt for hjernedød for min smak, men jenta skal jo heller ikke være så gammel, så jeg kan la den skli. Og heller si at det bare bygger enda mer på sjarmen.
½ October 1, 2008
What do you do when your grades are poor and you are dumped by your boyfriend? Become a murdering hooker! If you can get past the 70's cheesiness, this is a sweet flick. The line of people waiting for her "services" outside her pimp's van was funny. And the synthesizer music cues that happen for witty lines is just priceless. They even play the "People's Court" theme song during the final scene. This movie is on the "Drive-In Classics" DVD.
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