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½ January 16, 2015
Simply put, this Malibu Spring Break is an all out assault on your intelligence. It is difficult to fathom why such a horrid film was made, there's no way the writers behind this disaster expect any viewer to enjoy this film, let along get a few laughs from it. I guess the young college aged women on the movie poster are supposed to lure the viewer in.

So, the main characters, Michelle, and best friend Briane, function as nothing more than platinum blondes in bikini tops. These spoiled, entitled, brats embark on a shallow quest to crash at their wealthy uncle's Malibu mansion to see who could snag the guy with the most expensive car. What ensues is a worthless hour and half of nauseating camera sequences, cardboard, lifeless characters displaying their middle school acting talent complete with the painful late 90's disposable punk rock soundtrack.

Long story short, this film is difficult to endure it's so bad. Nothing can be taken away from this film than the time wasted watching it. Calling it a 'film' is even a stretch, it's more a failed comedy turned wanna be Skin-e-max episode.
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August 9, 2012
Two spoiled girls do some house-sitting in Malibu and try to loosen up their prudish cousin who naturally wears glasses but somehow can see fine without them. The girls are quite bratty actually and you may want to slap some manners into them, but they are good-looking and engage in all sorts of bikini beach activity. Charity Rahmer's bodacious bod boosts this entry slightly above the norm, despite the fact that the photography often appears out of focus!
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