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January 25, 2015
omg its a really good movie ­~▒­~? I fell I love Ô?Ą with this movie­~?­~? omg u guys have to watch it ­'?­'?­'"­'
January 5, 2015
I want to see it now
½ April 28, 2012
cast, great - direction, great - production, great - not big on "coming-of-age" films, but this one draws you in with it's warm and realistic character interaction - beautiful portrayal of Echo Park life - see this film - you will be moved
April 28, 2012
Excellent film. It had a great cast, all the actors did a great job. I enjoyed it a lot, very feel good film. If you get a chance, deffinetely take the time to see Mamitas, you will not be disappointed.
April 16, 2012
Mamitas is quite enjoyable! The film opens up to gorgeously diverse and smoggy Los Angeles, and you find out quickly this movie is made by and for those of Los Angeles. First we are introduced to Jordin, a troubled high-schooler, who doesn't realize just how lost he really is. He is your typical teen, whose parents seem like his most distant allies, so he finds himself seeking friends in all the wrong places. In a ploy to showoff, Jordin lands himself in suspension. It is here that fate almost seems to draw him to Felipa, a beautiful, however, different young woman with a strong wit and sharp tongue. She knows who she is, and who she hopes to be. It's a unlikely romance that ensues, struggles are faced, bonds are stressed and broken, built and sealed. At times you feel as if this film has been done before, but never really, not in this light. "Mamitas" takes a new angle into the youth of urban America. It is a beautifully shot film, with a cast of relatively unknowns, but they all have talent, there are no moments of weakness; their characters grow before your eyes, depicting the diverse and beautiful America where love is still alive and well. Yes, "Mamitas" has its flaws, but its pluses far out weigh it's faults. I loved this movie immensely, and highly recommend it to anyone looking to smile, laugh, cry, and smile again.
April 16, 2012
I loved Mamitas, it was well done!
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