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May 26, 2006
The film brings grace and balance to the traditional Holocaust story.
December 6, 2005
December 8, 2002
July 23, 2002
May 31, 2002
Potter, unlike most, doesn't batter you with what she wants you to feel. As the lyrics of a song, this film is poetry. I suspect it will linger with me long after its details would normally fade. Beautiful.
May 25, 2002
"The Man Who Cried" should be approached as a classic silent film where the movement and emotion tell the story, with dialogue being used sparingly.
November 27, 2001
July 13, 2001
The sort of film that has Americans adopting various European accents, not always in a convincing fashion.
July 9, 2001
Christina Ricci has top billing, but The Man Who Cried is Cate Blanchett's movie.
July 6, 2001
It all won't be enough to convince Potter's critics, but the lush images that she assembles have a fascination.
June 22, 2001
If [Potter] personally, in her 40s, can go to Argentina and become a tango dancer, then we can't complain about anything that happens to Suzie. Not that we'd want to.
June 21, 2001
A poetic look at transience, betrayal, loss and doom.
June 14, 2001
What she lacks as a dramatist, Potter ... compensates for with a painter's eye and a composer's ear.
June 14, 2001
Ricci's strong work is ultimately just support for Potter's entrancing and emotional vision.
June 6, 2001
a survivor story set against a historical background writ from the movie screen
June 1, 2001
The whole film rings true to artful tones and positions, because Vierny sees the triumph of freedom over oppression as a kind of graceful, superlative production.
June 1, 2001
Has a good story; a lush, tantalizing style and tone; and an excellent cast.
May 29, 2001
Always interesting in a morbid and curious sort of way.
May 26, 2001
Potter's cinematic vision is what makes The Man Who Cried shimmer and levitate.
May 26, 2001
Succeeds in spite of its aura of exhibitionistic sensitivity.
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