May 16, 2022
John Ford regularly made such clear-eyed, unsentimental assessments of the Old West and the lies that forged its mythology that one may wonder how the concept of a “revisionist western” ever took root when the original was already so bleak.
Apr 29, 2013
There's much to say about it; the simplest is that it's both the most romantic of Westerns and the greatest American political movie.
Dec 30, 2011
There is a purity to the John Ford style. His composition is classical. He arranges his characters within the frame to reflect power dynamics -- or sometimes to suggest a balance is changing.
Jul 7, 2010
John Ford and the writers have somewhat overplayed their hands. They have taken a disarmingly simple and affecting premise, developed it with craft and skill to a natural point of conclusion, and then have proceeded to run it into the ground.
Apr 24, 2009
A great film, rich in thought and feeling, composed in rhythms that vary from the elegiac to the spontaneous.
Oct 29, 2008
A remarkably complex and nuanced take on the Western.
Feb 9, 2006
Ford's purest and most sustained expression of the familiar themes of the passing of the Old West, the conflict between the untamed wilderness and the cultivated garden, and the power of myth.
May 9, 2005
A basically honest, rugged and mature saga has been sapped of a great deal of effect by an obvious, overlong and garrulous anticlimax.
Nov 12, 2004
Jan 9, 2003
Along with The Searchers, it represents John Ford at his most accomplished. And it is one of the best Westerns Hollywood has ever produced.
Jan 1, 2000
Arguably, the best John Ford film ever, certainly one the very best, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is an American classic.