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October 19, 2003
A perfectly executed illustration of what is not, quite, great about the Coen brothers, which is a kind of grandstanding, and another kind of weirdly alienating insincerity.
May 22, 2003
Makes people wish they could still light up in cinemas. It might not be the Coens at their best, but they still blow smoke in the faces of all the competition.
May 20, 2003
The Coen Brothers continue to trick up the past, skewing film noir and the late '40s through their deadpan sensibility.
May 13, 2003
A case of style over substance - Coens or not.
February 8, 2003
A quiet, contemplative noir thriller with a look and tone uncannily reminiscent of Hitchcock and a slow, brooding pace that at times undermines its effectiveness.
January 29, 2003
Breathtaking cinematography almost covers up some of the structural inconsistencies.
December 8, 2002
The resulting hodgepodge is a medley of the brothers' favorite verbal and visual tics, making much noise and signifying nothing.
November 7, 2002
Black-and-white Coen brothers experiment in film noir is transformed by Billy Bob Thornton's superb performance.
October 30, 2002
Stunning photography, terrific performances from a note-perfect cast, and a wonderful, dryly-comic script. One of the best films of the year.
October 21, 2002
I'm adding a fourth to my list of favorite Coen brothers films.
October 15, 2002
The story is a pitch-perfect homage to the spirit of the original film noir movies of the 1940s.
September 30, 2002
The Coens have resurrected a hardscrabble California of wooden porches and gravel driveways, of rolling, oak-wreathed hills and one-lane roads, and of a restless people whose meager dreams are wrecked the moment money, sex or a bottle get in the way.
September 10, 2002
Even though I wish the Coen had invested themselves in their story more seriously, they more than make up for it with style and atmosphere.
July 31, 2002
...the brothers Coen ... are like that other Minnesotan, F. Scott Fitzgerald, insofar as they seem to have the knack of saying very little very beautifully
July 16, 2002
Los Coen siguen demostrando que el cine es mucho ms que simples efectismos visuales que no dejan nada para la posteridad.
July 12, 2002
A more outwardly dramatic offering than what we're used to seeing from the brothers, and, without the usual doses of droll comedy to keep the story moving, the weakness of a petering final act feels magnified.
July 2, 2002
The Coen Brothers wander down some dead ends in The Man Who Wasn't There, but they still reach a surprising, grim conclusion James M. Cain would admire.
June 28, 2002
This film should be shown in film school the first day they discuss lighting. The attention to detail shown with light, shadow, and abscence of light are impossible to ignore even if you never notice those sort of things.
June 10, 2002
Even though I sometimes think they're too clever for their own good, the Coens win again.
June 10, 2002
Shot in shimmering black and white and saturated with the sweaty essence of 1940s film noir, "Man" is an exquisitely crafted, if somewhat predictable, melodrama...
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