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October 13, 2009
Affectlessness is not a quality much prized in movie protagonists, but Billy Bob Thornton, that splendid actor, does it perfectly as Ed Crane.
November 7, 2007
The film holds the interest, to be sure, but more due to the sure sense of craft and precise effect that one expects from the Coens than from genuine involvement in the story.
November 7, 2007
Joel and Ethan Coen stay true to their bent for dense heroes and neonoir, and to their unshakable conviction that life usually turns out to be splendidly horrific.
June 24, 2006
In this the Coens' sly script is helped no end by Billy Bob Thornton's supremely eloquent performance as the taciturn tonsor, lent terrific support from Frances McDormand as the wife.
July 21, 2005
Despite the movie's humor and sense of irony, it takes on a sense of somberness as it progresses.
September 30, 2002
The Coens have resurrected a hardscrabble California of wooden porches and gravel driveways, of rolling, oak-wreathed hills and one-lane roads, and of a restless people whose meager dreams are wrecked the moment money, sex or a bottle get in the way.
March 22, 2002
A paradoxical film even by the Coen brothers' standards: a painstakingly crafted throwaway.
January 22, 2002
The Man Who Wasn't There denatures pulp, and although I know this was the Coens' intention, it's not a particularly gratifying one. Their movie isn't there, either.
November 16, 2001
If the drabness doesn't get you, the deliberately glacial pacing will.
November 15, 2001
It's a bit of a mess, the work of bratty geniuses with talent to spare, but unsure of what -- if anything -- they're trying to say.
November 11, 2001
A beautifully executed film that is remarkable on many, many levels.
November 11, 2001
A noble failure in the canon of America's best sibling film team, a movie that was there just a bit too long.
November 9, 2001
You may be surprised at how long The Man Who Wasn't There sticks around, lingering in the mind long after everyone has met his or her inevitable fate.
November 4, 2001
An unconventional, unpredictable thriller that Hitchcock probably would have enjoyed.
November 2, 2001
The movie ... is wonderfully spirited.
November 2, 2001
A glorious tribute to the splendors of what should rightfully be called the blackish and whitish movie.
November 2, 2001
A loving tribute to midcentury cinema.
November 2, 2001
The Man Who Wasn't There looks noir, but don't be too sure. The Coen brothers provide the black-and-white. The actors provide the color.
November 2, 2001
I felt so thoroughly inside this environment I almost didn't need a story.
November 2, 2001
It doesn't attain Fargo heights, but it's still a victory.
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