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The Man with the Golden Gun Quotes

  • James Bond: Did you see who shot Fairbanks?
    Saida: No, I was in his arms. My eyes were closed.
    James Bond: Well, at least he died happy.

  • Scaramanga: Ours is the loneliest profession, Mr. Bond.

  • Saida: Ah! I've lost my charm!
    James Bond: Not from where I'm standing.

  • Scaramanga: Nick Nack! Tabasco!
    Nick Nack: Right away, Monsieur Scaramanga.

  • Scaramanga: You see, Mr. Bond, like every great artist, I want to create an indisputable masterpiece once in mye lifetime; the death of 007.

  • Sheriff J.W. Pepper: Now I know you!
    James Bond: Oh no.
    Sheriff J.W. Pepper: You're that secret agent. That english secret agent from England!

  • Scaramanga: You see, Mr. Bond. I always thought I liked animals, and I discovered that I liked killing people even more.

  • James Bond: A midnight snack might be just the thing.
    Mary Goodnight: I'll keep the whine properly chilled.
    James Bond: And everything else warm, I trust.

  • Lazar: It would be the proudest moment of my career if I can make something for you, Mr. Bond.

  • Lazar: Mr. Bond, bullets do not kill. It is the finger that pulls the trigger.

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