Oct 13, 2008
Roger Moore is a pastry chef's idea of James Bond; but Christopher Lee as the archetype of the evil antagonist makes this 007 outing just about bearable.
Oct 13, 2008
The best Bonds, like the car that twirls, were sly without quite getting silly. The best Bonds also had Sean Connery, whose absence is sorely felt here.
Oct 13, 2008
Roger Moore's Bond has got a rough deal over the year, but whilst this takes itself a little too lightly it has a lot going for it.
Oct 13, 2008
The comparatively spare arrays of mechanical devices seem more a cost-cutting factor.
Jun 24, 2006
Roger Moore's interpretation of Bond is blandness personified.
May 9, 2005
If you enjoyed the early Bond films as much as I did, you'd better skip this one.
Aug 1, 2001
There's no shortage of innuendo, action, exotic locations, or casual misogyny. Unfortunately it's too camp and cruel an adventure to raise more than a Moore-like eyebrow.
Jan 1, 2000
The Man with the Golden Gun certainly isn't worth $1 million, but it's fine for the price of a video rental.