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June 1, 2015
Found this because it's the highest rated horror movie on IMDB. It's not really a scary horror movie, kind of more of a supernatural musical. It was funny. I liked it. Great singing.
August 20, 2012
Revisiting Manichitrathazhu even after 20 years of it hitting the theatres is justly for the utter respect the movie has generated over the years and the cult status it still fosters. Everything right from the one liners, humour, dialogues to even the back ground score still resonates in every Malayali's heart. An array of adaptations and remakes have followed but quite humbly a few of them were able to even live upto the name. I can with a lot of buoyancy claim that this movie laid a strong foundation for the semi-horror genre. The approach was quite prolific right from the introduction of characters to the tightly laid screenplay. Being a Malayali and essentially a movie buff, I can say I grew up in that ambience and has over a zillion times witnessed the movie's presence in diverse patterns. Let it be the intensely provoked dialogue of Shobhana or just the utterance of her name by Suresh Gopi, we have loved and treasured every bit of it through these years. From the tumbler falling and carelessly drifting across the floor to Shobhana's eyes curiously spanning the wooden frames, the movie still generates the chills down our spines and could easily outrun the modern day thrillers. The music is soulful and has cultivated an aura of the movie in each of its strands. Mohanlal as the male protagonist does a stupendous job and gives the character a unique shade that has just grown with time. The hilarious introduction scene or a silent observer outside the door while Shobhana is locked, Mohanlal executes it with sheer diligence. Nevertheless, the movie in its entirety belongs to Shobhana, the female protagonist. It would probably be unjust on me to comment on her performance but rather recommend witnessing the intensity by yourself, if you still haven't. However, for the non Malayali's, I would definitely recommend a subtitled version, even though you may have seen those remakes or loosely adapted versions.
August 13, 2012
One of the best thrillers in Malayalam Cinema.
April 3, 2010
A Classic co-made by different directors under the supervision of Faazil. Also the most remade movie in different language, which were nowhere near the original.
A must watch!
August 23, 2008
the besttt movie eva..... i can watch it a billion times n not get sick of it!!!!!
August 7, 2008
One of the best Malayalam movies from the 90's. Engrossing storyline, superb acting and directing. Now pretty much everybody in India has ripped off this movie and made craploads of money, but came nowhere close to the original in terms of quality.
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