Manna From Heaven Reviews

January 2, 2011
Well-meaning movie will bore younger kids
June 14, 2003
Manna from Heaven is labor of love that may not be the best film of the year, but at least you'll come away smiling.
April 3, 2003
While it would be easy to fault its lack of technical polish, somewhat discursive script and uneven performances, it is also refreshingly sincere, gentle and good-natured.
November 3, 2002
Like a hand-knitted sweater, it's a little lumpy and ill-fitting, but it has a wonderful texture and attractive color and is just fine for making you feel warm and cozy.
October 24, 2002
Overall it is a nice effort by Five Sisters Productions, which has given audiences a much-needed reprieve from the angst, irony and mean-spiritedness that is endemic to modern cinema.