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October 16, 2013
Even though this is a reality show, it does often tear into your heart by the brutality of living in the past, particularly of the lower ranking servants. The contractions and restrains of the actions we take for granted, the workaday humiliations and tedium of keeping up a manor house. It is charming when beautiful period TV is shown, but under every gesture, every piece of polished silver and utensil, is many people whose life's blood is wasted on doing so much for accomplishing so little.
September 25, 2011
perfect cloudy day fare
April 22, 2006
Really entertaining show and very informative. Although the participants often ignored the rules of the 19th century you can't really blame them. Although I really couldn't stand the family chosen for the show, they did add a lot of realism since they were totally into the class thing and didn't care much for their "servants". The two footmen were really hot and I liked all the drama going on downstairs. If I could afford the DVD I'd buy it.
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