Manos Sucias Reviews

July 1, 2019
An exemplary piece of work...
May 1, 2015
The dialogue is as spare as the story; the richness comes from the performances of stars Cristian James Abvincula and Jarlin Javier Martinez, whose characters shine through their faces before they speak a word.
April 24, 2015
A tough little movie set in the waters and coastal jungles of Colombia, "Manos Sucias" dashes naive hope with cold, brutal reality.
April 16, 2015
Manos sucias culminates with the expected arrival of horrific savagery but not from the direction you were expecting.
April 9, 2015
Though the plot turns aren't necessarily surprising and characterizations a bit facile, Wladyka manages tense moments, particularly a chase on motorized rail cars.
April 2, 2015
The light is menacing, the mood watchful and the action scenes have a crude, desperate energy that gets the job done.
April 2, 2015
Blessed with heaps of talent behind and in front of the camera.
April 2, 2015
Wladyka and his co-writer/cinematographer Alan Blanco spin the relationship out with a compelling and surprising tension.
March 31, 2015
As it dashes up the coast and railroads through the jungle, the film is vigorous in its evocation of place and prickling and insistent with its suspense.
May 2, 2014
...the experience will leave you believing that you've just witnessed something very real and, even with its all-too-short running time, still manages to pack quite a punch.
May 1, 2014
[Shows us] a face that needs to be onscreen more, both in their countries and in ours.