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Marvel Movie Madness! Part 19: Man-Thing

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Matt: This week of the Marvel Movie Madness contains the movies we're calling "the weird crap" - Man-Thing, Red Sonja, and Howard the Duck. We've seen some good and bad films get made out of Marvel properties, but I think we can all agree that the movies this week are based on some of the lesser-known titles, and all three of them are pretty ugly. Today, we're focusing on Man-Thing. Based on a long-running, semi regular title, Man-Thing is a shambling swamp monster that's basically Marvel's version of Swamp Thing (the creators of both characters came up with them around the same time). Man-Thing had a brief monthly run, but was then cut to a quarterly or semi-annual run as double-sized issues. And to the delight of everyone's inner 12-year-old, they were called "Giant-Size Man-Thing."Back to Article


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