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½ November 14, 2010
I realise this isn't the greatest film. It is just a romantic-comedy with the whole 'inter-twining'stories. It isn't anything original, and the plot is nothing unexpected. It was Monica Belucci though, she made the whole film for me. You are actually able to see her completely nude. I'm no pervert, but any film with Monica Belucci in it, is a film I like.
Overall another romance film, that is a little bit more ' naughty' due to the non-american censorship.
January 20, 2009
I may need to see the 1st one but I actually enjoyed the sequel (if you'd call it that). Would've been nice if all the stories linked somehow in the final stanza but maybe that would've been too cheesy? Didn't really hit me where it hurts but they were all good scenarios that we do face and are relevant and appealing to different groups. Loved the Italian music!
½ October 5, 2008
I really enjoyed the first Manual of Love as it was a lighthearted collection of romantic stories with a likeable cast and humorous stories. The second one tries to capture the spirit of the first one with one of the original cast returning for another story here. The main drawing point is the alluring curves of a certain Mrs Bellucci who turns up in the first story, Eros - where she plays a physical therapist to a potential paraplegic. The other three stories - Maternity, Marriage and are all quite appealing but none of them really connected with me in the same way the stories from the first film did. I found the main character in the maternity story to be too shrill and irritating but then that was probably due to the hormones she was taking and in the final story it was incredibly hard to sympathise with the waiter when he was cheating on his wife and family, even if his partner in crime is damn fine (she is actually dating Adrien Brody I think). The third story is about a gay couple trying to get through the problems of being gay in a very traditional Italian family and was actually quite endearing. In terms of depth this was my favourite but overall the first story, Eros would be my pick as the higlight.

While not as good as the original film it's still a nice way to spend 2 hours. Perhaps it would have worked better with 3 35minute short stories instead of 4 30minute ones. 120minutes is a bit too long for a romantic comedy to stay endearing even with the great variety of characters this sort of film introduces to the audience.
½ April 13, 2008
sexy, funny, touching
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