Manuscripts Don't Burn Reviews

February 12, 2015
The result asserts the two-headed truism: Artists in many countries will always find grim, sometimes deadly opposition, and those same artists will continue to risk everything to remain alive inside.
September 11, 2014
A crackling, tense thriller, graced with beautifully measured performances, that explores with wisdom and sorrow the best and worst in human nature.
September 11, 2014
Only from a distance can you appreciate what a remarkable feat this film is.
August 21, 2014
Unlike Rasoulof and Panahi's previous, more metaphorical films, this one confronts its subject head-on with unflinching candor.
June 25, 2014
A fairly gripping thriller, and Rasoulof's most angry work to date.
June 25, 2014
Mohammad Rasoulof's slow-burning, clandestinely made fifth feature is a brave, challenging look at Iran's feared security apparatus.
June 13, 2014
Its chilly, muted colors, claustrophobic framings and understated performances by an excellent cast recall '70s American suspensers such as "The Conversation" and "Klute."
June 12, 2014
A slow-motion explosion of anti-authoritarian rage.
Top Critic
June 12, 2014
Manuscripts Don't Burn is more rueful than action-packed, yet it simmers with righteous refusal. That's what gives the movie a power no Bourne flick will ever match.
June 12, 2014
Rasoulof creates the sense that we're not only witnessing a bleak reality, but hovering inside of it, uncertain if the nightmare will ever end.
June 10, 2014
Harrowing, defiant, and exemplifying through its very existence the moral courage its totalitarian villains stamp down ...