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½ March 4, 2018
One of the few films where colorization may improve it. The idiot at Chicago Reader is using his review of this to attack Disney for not being enough Freud. Think about that. This is fine for kids. The SSM was weird. Great sets and costumes. Was I the only one rooting for the villain?
December 4, 2017
December 26, 2016
A fun children's Christmas film. I don't know if I'd want my kids to see it though.
July 26, 2014
A holiday must....for kids or the kid in ya.
April 18, 2014
Excellent kids movie and yes adults too! Funny as can be and the magic of these two is why they are the kings of comedy!!!
November 17, 2013
One of my all time favorite holiday movies while at Nana and Pop Pops house for the holidays. Good times and memories.
August 30, 2013
Laurel and Hardy are always funny.
February 1, 2013
"Let's drop a rock on him and make him dead when he's alive."
January 22, 2013
Good Lord, I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Great film!
December 24, 2012
The film is an authentic children's entertainment and quite the merriest of its kind that Hollywood has turned loose on the nation's screens in a long time.
½ December 23, 2012
A delight from beginning to end.
December 15, 2012
Under rated why is it never on TV?
½ December 8, 2012
"I don't love him!" Haha.
September 3, 2012
Not as good as other Laurel and Hardy stuff
July 20, 2012
A childhood holiday favorite. Every thanksgiving, this movie was on. Has great comedy moments by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. This film is not a well known film for most people, but it should be discovered more.
½ May 12, 2012
I'd like to put on this shoe and kick him right in the pants

Bo-Peep lives with Mother Goose in a modest house. The landlord of the house adores Bo-Peep and wants to marry her; however, Bo-Peep is not interested in him. When Mother Goose falls behind on her rent, the landlord offers to drop the debts if Bo-Peep marries him. Bo-Peep and Mother Goose refuse the offer. They will rely on two buffoons, Ollie Dee and Stanley Dum, to secure the funds to pay the rent.

"Three little pigs - Elmer, Wiggle, and Jiggs...

Gus Meins (The Little Rascals) and Charley Rogers (The Flying Deuces) collaborate to deliver March of the Wooden Soldiers. The storyline for this picture is magical and reminded me a lot of The Wizard of Oz. The characters are excellent and brilliantly presented with great costumes and settings. The acting is excellent and the cast includes Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Virginia Karns, and Charlotte Henry.

"You children will be the death of me."
"Oh mother. Do you really mean that?"

This was a movie my wife decided to watch since it is the holiday season and I had never seen it before. I was pleasantly surprised at how great this picture was and the fact it did not air regularly like the previously referenced Wizard of Oz. The detailed characters and backdrops were marvelous and the comedic content was classic. This is definitely a must see picture.

Grade: A
May 12, 2012
This was really good. Look for the monkey dressed up as a 1930's era Mickey Mouse.
½ May 12, 2012
I'm 54, but I still like them.
May 12, 2012
One of the funniest laural and Hardy films. Great sets!
May 12, 2012
Consider this a perfect test whether someone has a funny-bone. The holidays are simply incomplete without this wonderful movie shown at least once!
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