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½ July 5, 2015
So the Mongolian Emperor lived inside the Forbidden City(!), & people were speaking Cantonese(!!). Apparently it's just another lousy TV movie made for 'gweilos' by 'gweilo'. Not to mention it's indeed so boring.
December 13, 2014
Watched the hole season in one day and It was totally worth it. I can't wait to see what they come up with for Season 2!
May 6, 2012
A story told in flashbacks - not my favorite style of storytelling - begins very slowly and boringly. It picks up the pace when Polo gets to China. The acting is adequate; even though Brian Dennehy is one of my favorite actors, he was unconvincing as the Chinese Khan. B.D. Wong's character brought some needed comedic relief. It seemed historically accurate, though I'm taking my wife's word on that as I really knew nothing about the man before this. The sets were fairly intricate and beautiful. Too long, but worth seeing.
½ May 3, 2012
Interesting history of Marco Polo and his explorations and life in Asia.
October 16, 2011
Ian Somerhalder as Marco Polo, enough said. It has action and a bit of a love story and Ian topless.
September 2, 2011
This looks wonderful - great costuming and locations - really impressive.
But all horribly let down by terrible acting, script, and above all, direction.
The filming looks so "made for TV" both in angles, lighting, but above all in tones: just some filters, and better use of film would have made a huge difference.
Historically accurate, this could have been really great: it really looks expensive and expansive; but it is living proof that nothing can cover poor acting.
½ April 10, 2011
Well filmed with interesting parts, yet a bit unnecessary long with some standard cliches. Worth spending 3 hours if you like adventures, traveling and such stuff.
½ February 12, 2011
A very compelling story. How could it fail to be? But Brian Dennehy as Kublai Khan? Why? Some very nice production values though.
March 18, 2010
super haba ng movie.. hehe but i L‚?•ve it!!
October 16, 2009
i still don't understand why the chinese emporer is a white guy.
½ October 8, 2009
ian Somerhalder stars as Marco Polo.
Adventure of marco Polo. (I'm bad at History so wouldn't ahve a clue as to if its somewhat based on the history books or not) & well put any of my fave actors in a movie w/ a subject that usually bores me... I'll pay attention. (too bad they couldn't do things like this in school!)

To me the story was interesting. I LOVED the costume of the Kahn empire the travels were interesting as well. Plus the adventure lasts over 2 hours. A 20 year old marco ends up having to stay in the empire for his life. Was not a boring one, for the Emporor found uses of Marco to travel here or there for him.B for Ian?s beard in the movie ?.F. You could tel l it was so fake I saw glue!!
½ March 29, 2009
Fint epos om Marco Polo sine år i Kina. Bra skodespelarprestasjonar jamnt over.
August 12, 2008
Very impressive - although I longed back to the "real Marco Polo" :-) - the movie-series I got to see so often as a child.
August 9, 2008
It was ok. Very average.
July 24, 2008
really good
must see
July 11, 2008
√?nnu en film om Marco Polos √§ventyr. Nu r√•kar ju jag gilla filmer som har en riktig historia bakom sej. Detta √§r en 3 timmar l√•ng "historielektion" med vackra bilder....
July 9, 2008
Story was actually pretty good, eventhough it was a bit long. Didn't like the actor of Kublai Khan, who has an idea to place an Brittish actor playing Kublai Khan?
July 4, 2008
a movie like the journey of marco polo
- very long
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