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November 28, 2014
This looks pretty goofy. I mean, how many movies have there been with a talking dog? All the same, I wanna see it.
November 24, 2014
i like this movie not to interested but its ok;)~
November 10, 2014
There's a special place in hell for talking animal movies and this one is no exception. The voice work is fine and there are a few nice moments but yeah... that's it.
½ October 25, 2014
It's dull, cheesy, boring, not funny, and it treats the audience like they have the brain capacity of goldfish. IGN 10/10
October 12, 2014
I love it's sooooo awesome !!!!(TM)
½ September 28, 2014
I didn't hate the movie I thought it was decent the movie wasn't awful like everyone said it was adults shouldn't see it but I enjoyed it it had flaws but it wasn't awful and this is still a negative review
Grade C+
½ September 20, 2014
kind of stupid but enjoyable cmon Owen Wilson playing a dog isnt that funny enough I thought this was a time waster cute film
September 14, 2014
Well I Didn't Like This Movie.C
August 29, 2014
love thus movie loooking for it for free
½ August 23, 2014
½ August 17, 2014
Based on the long-running comic strip - a suburban family moves to a new neighborhood with their well-meaning but trouble-making Great Dane. This movie was hated by the critics and the people and I am not calling this a good movie but I will not lie that I did enjoy it.
½ July 27, 2014
Decent little comedy wasn't awful but wasn't good either it was entertaining Good time waster C+
July 27, 2014
(First and only full viewing - 7/28/2010 in theaters)
July 20, 2014
I can't even give this movie one star. That's how terrible it is. The CGI is done poorly, the script is just atrocious, all around a terrible movie.
July 19, 2014
This movie is nothing like the comics on the newspaper every Sunday. The only good thing is when they move to LA.
July 17, 2014
OMG this movie is so stupid!!!! I know it's supposed to be a kids movie but they could have at least tried to make it entertaining. It's got a horrible and stupid plot and was so forgettable I almost forgot about it completely and I wouldn't have been able to review this piece of crap. This literally makes Alvin and the chipmunks and the smurfs look great, and that's saying a lot. I'll give it one star because the animals in this movie are cute, but other then that, this movie is pretty terrible. Don't even get me started on the dance scene near the end. It looks like the cheapest CGI put to film. Your kids may like it, but they probably wouldn't like it a lot. Just skip it. There are plenty of other films to watch and you don't need to waste your time with this garbage.
July 13, 2014
A good time at the movies with, arguably, the best comic strip character ever... yes, I said the BEST. Eat your heart out Charlie Brown.
July 12, 2014
Marmaduke is really funny! :D
June 22, 2014
It's the good kind of stupid.
June 17, 2014
Great film to watch with your younger kids, It's not "Homeward Bound" of course, but I have seen worse and at least it keeps your children entertained.
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