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August 14, 2015
This is the point at which I feel Hitchcock begins to lose his touch a bit, at least for the films I seen so far. MARNIE is somewhat of a departure in the type of film he had made his name doing, but even so, it contains themes that resonated through his body of work. The story is about Marnie (Tippi Hedren), a compulsive thief and liar who ends up marrying a man she robs. This was an intriguing premise, to say the least, and provided the opportunity for Tippi Hedren to play a more complex character than she had in THE BIRDS, but I don't think she was quite up to the task. Sean Connery was appropriately dashing in his role as Mark, the man she ends up falling for, but he didn't really have that much chemistry with Hedren, in my opinion. For me, there were individual moments or flashes of brilliance that worked rather than the film as a whole. In particular, the opening sequence where we are introduced to Marnie was well-done, and the scene where she robs Mark's company was the closest the film ever came to capturing the suspense for which Hitchcock is so well-known. The rest of it was a mixed bag. Some of the psychological elements were interesting by themselves, and in a few scenes, were well-utilized. However, the sledgehammer approach to Freudian themes and associations removed a lot of the mystique. It also didn't help that the explanation for Marnie's particular idiosyncrasies at the end was rather unsatisfying. Still, there were a number of things I did like. Tippi Hedren played cold and calculating rather well. Bernard Herrmann's score and main theme was very romantic and fit the character of Marnie. The film was also handsomely photographed, had great sets and costumes, and made good use of color. Overall, though, I feel like MARNIE has some poor pacing, is a little too long, and has as much trouble identifying what it wants to be as Marnie herself. Before I watched this, I took a look at the theatrical trailer, and even Hitchcock had difficulty (it seems) really pinning down what the film was (settling on 'sex mystery'). Certainly one of Hitchcock's lesser efforts, it still has some interesting parts despite the unevenness of it all.
½ July 2, 2015
a decent movie, though the beginning of Hitch's downturn to be sure. the plot itself is passable, the performances are average, and all in all it's a very....ok movie.

This movie lives and dies with the performance and believeability of Tippi Hedren; and sad to say, she fails with flying colors. Overacting of the worst degree takes the viewer from seeing someone who is supposed to be battling with demons of which she is unsure of their origin, to a girl forcing tears, forcing screams, and just overall forcing the performance. it takes away so much of what's going on that i found myself begging for the camera to get off her at times just to spare me the feeling of embarrassment that was growing from having to sit through her screen time. such an odd feeling knowing that this is the same woman who seemed to nail her performance with Hitch in The Birds years prior. ultimately, a film you could, and maybe even should, pass on.
½ June 7, 2015
A well-made and well-acted film, but kind of boring, especially when compared to Hitchcock's other thriller films.
May 28, 2015
Wowwwww!!! FIVE STARS!!
April 6, 2015
Considerada un fracaso en 1964, "Marnie" es una película de corte psicoanalítico acerca de una mujer que roba en oficinas (Tippi Hedren) y un joven millonario (Sean Connery) dispuesto a "curarla" o "domarla". "Marnie" ha envejecido bien y hoy se puede apreciar como uno de los trabajos más oscuros y perversos de Alfred Hitchcock, con mucho material para discutir o para reflexionar.
March 10, 2015
Classic Hitchcock and a rather dishy Sean Connery, winning combo!
February 23, 2015
Marnie is a psychological drama about a mysterious woman, who is a liar, a cheater & a thief. Tippi Hedren Stars as Marnie (giving an exceptional performance), a compulsive liar & thief, who winds up marrying the very man (Sean Connery) she attempts to rob. Marnie is a slow burn drama where Hitchcock's great range of directorial skills are on show but it's Hedren's performance that steals the show.
January 18, 2015
Excelente banda sonora.
Super Reviewer
January 15, 2015
A lot better of an effort than many Hitchcock fans will admit. A true psychological mystery that is advanced for its time with shocking revelations. Should be a classic.
November 28, 2014
This was where I fell off the Hitchcock wagon and stayed there until "Frenzy". It's a little too leisurely paced for my and Ms. Hedren's mediocrity as an actress knows no bounds, and if this was the only Connery performance you were aware of you would have found him to be a very dull boy. It is pretty, but that's about all.
½ November 28, 2014
It may not be my favorite Hitchcock film, but Tippi Hedren gave a dark and intense turn here that totally blew me away.
½ November 25, 2014
***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***
½ November 17, 2014
It was good, but tame by today's standards
November 8, 2014
An uninteresting and awkward film that only serious Hitchcock fans should bother with. I wouldn't watch it again, and am almost sorry I saw it in the first place. (First and only viewing - 11/8/2014)
½ October 21, 2014
Slow-moving and laughably melodramatic, Marnie is far from my favorite Hitchcock piece. Connery didn't quite seem to fit the role, either. Overall, it was worth watching, I suppose, if only to have been able to see it. 2.5-ish stars
½ October 19, 2014
This film was SO far ahead of its time. Hitchcock touches on deep & twisted psychological themes anchored by Hedren's tour-de-force performance. The much criticized colors & process shots only add to the dream-like qualities of this intriguing film. The denouement with Louis Latham is compelling.
October 15, 2014
Not one of Hitch's best. Tippi & Connery are very good but the psychology aspect is a bit weak.
September 23, 2014
This film has gotten better with time and i have upped my original rating by half a star.
Pacing, script, acting and the Bernard Herrmann score are all spot on. One of my top three Hitchcock films (Psycho and Vertigo being no2 and no1) this was heavily rejected by critics because of its psychological pretensions. However the psychology is quite well done with Tippi Hedren's role that of a disassociated woman very well crafted. Her personailty and cool character perfect for the part. Connery does well against type in a role coming very soon after his first Bond film.
Hitch goes more psychological here as a story of the effects of childhood sexual abuse slowly unravel. Some great set pieces and interesting use of rear projection in the horse riding scene. It all adds up wonderfully and Hitchcock bravely put this on the screen when it was taboo to do so. Tippy Hedren is Melanie Griffiths mother in non movie life.
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