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June 27, 2013
Where to start? There's just too much wrong about this adaptation of Christie's crime novel.
Why include Jane Marple in a Tommy and Tuppence story? Why portray Tuppence as a frustrated hag with a drinking problem? Why change the time it is originally set in? And even if one finds all these alterations necessary, why then make so many mistakes in continuity? And why is it that all characters are as flat as cardboard and the actors perform as crudely as if they'd never been on the screen before? So many questions...
This production is, all in all, a waste of money and time and everyone who's looking for a nice evening with Christie's characters should avoid this take on "By the Pricking of my Thumbs" like the plague - you'll get more out of it if someone hits you over the head with the DVD case.
½ July 2, 2012
Love some Jane Marple
½ January 8, 2009
A rather messy and vague Christie adaptation. Somehow the story elements don't fall into place as smoothly as they maybe should.
December 31, 2008
Why they felt the need to put Miss Marple in this one when she wasn't in it in the book I've no idea. Pesonally don't like McEwan in this role anyway - too much comedy. Joan Hickson all the way for me !
August 15, 2008
I grew to love Geraldine McEwan as miss Marple. Most of all I love the production design of all the movies in this series. Bright, campy, colourful and incredibly stylish. The all star supporting cast is also superb.
May 15, 2008
It's ok. I love Christies books, and McEwan do her justice, the old Marple. :)
April 12, 2008
Just picking this one to represent all of the Miss Marple remakes. Garaldine McKewan is really good, and the other stars that appear all do a really good job too. There has been some changes to the storylines slightly in some of them, but if you can look passed that, it's a great piece of work, updated
½ January 23, 2008
While rather differing from the original book, the film doesn't suffer from the translation one bit. The writing is very well done, and the feel of the movie is simply compelling and highly entertaining. Scacchi does very well as Tuppence, who complements McEwan's quiet Marple wonderfully.
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