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July 22, 2014
its a great animation,
July 20, 2014
Bad Disney movie but good animation. Not as good as Pixar or Dreamworks but love the topic, aliens takes mom and it's also sad.
July 7, 2014
this is one of the worst animated films of the decade and probably even the previous one. the animation while good is creepy and pretty standard for Robert. the premise is stupid, the characters are non existent, the dialogue is childish, and while it does have heart its not enough. i give it one star as an im sorry for the film being a mega flop.
½ July 7, 2014
This Was A Bad Kids Movie.C-
June 26, 2014
I can remember this movie being a little weird, but still an entertaining adventure
½ June 16, 2014
The worst animated movie I have ever seen.
½ June 9, 2014
On paper it may sound like childish trash that parents will be forced to pay for their kids, but the overall product of Mars Needs Mom does surprisingly has lots of charm and heart that everyone will actually enjoy.
½ June 4, 2014

Questions that really need to be answered, stat:

1. Why can't the Martians breathe in Mars' atmosphere? And what *are* they breathing? Is it air? How does that work? Where did they get it from? Is there a natural underground air depot on Mars?

2. How are Martian babies made? No, seriously. This bothers me. "They pop out of the ground every 25 years"? Uh, no. If that were the case, why would they even need two sexes? There is clearly some kind of fertilization going on. Try again.

3. Why are the Martian still watching Earth television from the '60s? It does not take fifty years for television signals to travel from Earth to Mars. Is the adopted slang amusing? Yes. Is it believable? No.

Questions aside, it's a pretty alright move. Not very pretty, and Seth Green's baby face is very, very disturbing, but an alright movie. I'm a bit puzzled as to its message though, because there doesn't seem to be a point. Be a polite and helpful kid? Your mom will get abducted by aliens. Be a bratty, ungrateful kid? Yeah, your mom will still get abducted by aliens.

You know what would have been awesome? If Milo's mom would have died in the helmet scene. Because I was sitting there going "No way. There's no way they're going to... Yesssss. Oh man, this is the most depressing children's movie I've ever seen". But then George/Gribble saved the day and ruined everything.

In short, watch WALL-E instead. It's prettier and has more space.
May 28, 2014
This Disney movie got slammed at the box office, however it is not as terrible as all that. It's got decent motion capture animation and a dream-like quality. The story is completely unbelievable, but tells a moral and tries to warm your heart. Seth Green got hosed on his voice talent - they replaced his with that of an 11 year olds - but it is a watchable and somewhat enjoyable movie.
May 8, 2014
Not As bad as I thought it would be.
½ April 29, 2014
Mal animada, pero buen guion. Lástima que las historias secundarias un poco flojas, no suficientes para apoyar la principal
April 1, 2014
One of the top 5 worst animated films I've ever seen. Utterly boring, weird-looking, and the fact that the 9-year-old protagonist is voiced by a 40-year-old man doesn't help.
March 29, 2014
Not all bad, but does more wrong than right.
½ February 7, 2014
It's Gribble-tastic!
January 30, 2014
Animation is great, but plot is dumb and I can't get over how much the old lady alien looks like E.T.
January 27, 2014
This was a great and underrated film!
January 15, 2014
Name evacuates people and no wonder. Anything what starts with the word 'mars' and included with 'moms', it will make you wanna puke, but not everything isn't wrong with this film. Ending is predictable and too happy. Gribble is way too weird.
January 13, 2014
While I'm curious to know why this movie received so many bad reviews and was tagged as a major Hollywood flop, I definitely have my theories. While I missed the chance to see it on the Big Screen, after bringing it home on a movie rental night, I knew I had to buy it. My 4 year old & I were hooked! And I never even got tired of the multiple viewings that followed. Even if the "Mo Cap" computer graphics hadn't been this realistic yet non-creepy, the heart warming story line, direction and acting alone would still carry the movie, proving to at least 2 fans how much love & attention went into making this gem. So to all the black-balling powers-that-be who contributed their part to shoot this movie down (see Wikipedia) ... I say BOO!
½ January 12, 2014
This was a decent film. Def not the best. Too bad. Image movers were in the right track with their films. Beowulf was amazing. Too bad we will not see anymore films like this. Maybe another company will take over. Maybe.
January 1, 2014
No expectations or 3D and it turned out a good rental fro the family, mom liked the message too.
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